Featuring a modified deep-cupped Indiana-style blade/Willow combo for optimum lift and vibration, the Gann's Stiletto Indiana Willow Blade Spinnerbait was designed and built for anglers looking for custom quality performance. Featuring a special keel-weighted head that keeps the Stiletto running true right out of the package, the bulk of the head is actually concealed underneath the skirt to give the business part of the Stiletto more of a baitfish profile.

Super sharp premium Gamakatsu hooks maximize your hooking potential, and Gann’s also only uses the finest .035 stainless steel wire and premium plated blades, attached with Sampo ball bearing swivels. This keeps the Stiletto well balanced regardless of retrieve speed. Available in several color combinations to best match the conditions you may face, the Gann's Stiletto Indiana Willow Blade Spinnerbaits offer innovative bass fishing performance.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Love Shimano spinning reels.  Bought one and thought the previous gen was better.  Wasn't as smooth as I my old one. 

From: Timothy: Warren, MI 1/30/15

Comments: Great spinnerbait. Good action and durability. Don't have a problems with the ones I've purchased. Holds up pretty well.

From: Timothy: Warren, MI 1/30/15

Comments: nice looking spinnerbaits but rolls to the side on a moderate retrieve.  Also the skirts get tangled up so you have to fix after every other retrieve. 

From: Gman: southern ny

Comments:  I had a 3/4oz version in White Chrome for years. Need to replace it, and stock up on more colors. That bait caught a better part of 30 fish, including a 5+ spot at Lake X. After 20 fish, I tied a new skirt on. It finally met its end in Beaver Lake rip rap. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this bait, its consistent and it produces fish flat out.

From: Chris

Comments: GREAT spinnerbait. Everything about these baits is high quality. Hand-tied skirts, sampo swivels, thin blades with a lot of flash, extremely sharp hook, and it is durable! My first time using this, I caught 16 bass and swung them all. No wire bending at all and the hook stayed sharp. 2nd time, I caught a
10+ pound blue catfish out of a tiny local pond! I fought it with the drag nearly locked down on a MH rod with 50lb braid! The hook didn't straighten out at all, but the part where the wire meets the head straightened. I bent it back and have caught 30 more bass with no problems at all! These are the only spinnerbaits I will ever use!

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: They just gotta use better hooks - they are not durable AT ALL. You know, we cant replace hook for spinnerbait. I have 5 of these. 3 are broken before even catching a fish. I love the design and color. I just hope they will work on the issue.

From: Jade: SoCal

Comments: Nice spinnerbaits, catches bass and pikes in my waters. Held up well, but toothy critters like pike and skirt strands do not mix well, but that goes for every skirted bait. Other than that, paint, blades and wire are still in excellent condition after tons of fish. runs true, only downside: it does no helicopter when you kill it like some other spinnerbaits. At least not the 1/2oz version i use. But deadly on a straight retrieve and comes very easy trough any cover.

Comments: love it, best spinner bait I've ever used. Caught a couple spotted bass deflecting this off underwater brush and it didn't get caught up once! comes threw cover extremely well dont be scared to throw this threw trees and any other cover. Great colors! I was using the clear glimmer flash. Good luck!

From: Jack: Lafayette, CA

Comments: just awesome. greatest spinnerbait ive ever used, deflects off cover sooo well its hard to snag

Comments: I burned a lightning shad blade all day yesterday. It held up well to hard hitting dinks and getting tweaked up in the pads and over hanging trees. 100% legit blade.

From: meat wad: burnin da bli zades

Comments: Awesome spinnerbaits. Top notch components and top notch construction.  Lots of different skirt options to match any forage under any condition.  They run true and will flat out catch fish.

From: Adam: Interlachen, FL

Comments: All preceding comments are positive and I agree . This is another quality product and producer .

From: Tom: GA

Comments: Hands down the best spinnerbait I've ever used.  Quality in every aspect of the bait and most importantly, it catches fish.

From: Bill: NJ, USA

Comments: this spinnerbait is without a doubt, the highest quality,best running spinnerbait i have ever used...i have been a spinnerbait fanatic for years and when i ordered these from tw i was expecting a good bait but found that this is a great bait....as a matter of fact i am replacing all my old favorites with the ganns...the skirts are perfect,the amount of strands per skirt are perfect....this spinnerbait is a must have in every serious fishermans tackle box....thanks to tw for carrying these baits....

From: Jimmy: McDonough, GA

Comments: Well built, great components and color schemes, this spinnerbait just flat out catches fish!  In my opinion, there is no spinnerbait better!

From: Tony: Livermore, CA

Comments: As with all of the baits manufactured by Ganns these spinnerbaits are fantastic !  The Bluegill color was lights out for me last season can't wait to get after them again this year.

From: Mike: Utah, USA

Comments: the sturdiest spinnerbait on the market, I dont think there is a better built bait on the market...fish catching machine

From: Erick: Lancaster, CA

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