Designed by legendary rod builder Gary Loomis, the Gary Loomis Edge Spiral Wrap Casting Rods feature Edge Rods’ advanced HM graphite composite blanks. The highest quality blanks in the Edge Rods arsenal, the HM blanks are rolled using the same advance materials and principles that have made Gary Loomis’ a household name in fishing rods. This proprietary process allowed them to produce lighter, crisper, higher performing blanks with technique-specific actions and tapers perfected by some of the best guides, dealers and craftsmen the World over.

Also equipped with spiral wrapped guides, the spiraling of the guides counteracts the natural tendency of a conventional casting rod to want to turn over (so the guides are on the bottom) when under load. By spiraling the guides, it brings the guides back down to the bottom of the blank, allowing you to use all of your strength, and the rod's strength in fighting the fish. First used in saltwater fishing for bigger, harder pulling fish, the spiral guides maximize the potential of your rod, prolong its life, and also aid in casting distance by reducing friction. The advanced Black Widow Handles, made from 100% carbon fiber, also deliver increased sensitivity over cork, EVA or carbon fiber wrapped alternatives. Available in a range of technique-specific models, the Gary Loomis Edge Spiral Wrap Casting Rods up the ante yet again.

Please Note: Not available for sale internationally.

Backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty 

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I own one of the cranking rods, and the mag bass.  They are unlike anything I have ever used.  Granted I have never used a different brand of $500 rod, but I have used several $250 rods, and the edge rods are more than twice as good for sure.  The ability to feel what is going on with the lure is amazing.  Even a novice can tell if they are hitting rocks, grass, muddy bottom etc, also if the fish is shaking its head etc. They have been very durable for me.  I am looking to eventually get the whole set.  I can't review these good enough to do them justice as to how much I like them.  If the price is an issue get the mag bass as all purpose rod, or if you specialize in a lure they offer such as cranking, get that. Beware after you use one, especially for finesse baits you won't be able to go back to other rods. The handle is the one of the best parts about it IMO.

From: Jacob: OK 5/18/14

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