Geecrack Baobab Hog 8" 3pk - $15.00

When you want to target the largest bass in the lake, the Geecrack Boabab Hog delivers an oversized presentation that is loaded with more than enough action. Perfect for plus-size punching rigs, full-sized flipping setups, and titanic Texas-rigs, the Geecrack Boabab Hog features a slender front half complete with ribbing throughout - for tons of vibration.

Built to move a lot of water, the Geecrack Boabab Hog has two sets of flapping appendages and a long textured beaver tail that can be kept intact for a smooth waving action, or split for a more lively presentation. Ample and appetizing, the Geecrack Boabab Hog is the ideal bait when you need to pull out all the stops and go for that kicker. 

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Geecrack Baobab Hog 8

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  • American Crawfish
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  • Cinnamon Blue Flake
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  • Ghost Shrimp
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  • Green Pumpkin
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  • Okeechobee Craw
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  • Scuppernong Blue Flk
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  • Sprayed Grass
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  • Watermelon Pumpkin Seed
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Comments: perfect prespawn bait for those big toads makin nests. I jus rigged with shakey head & caught 4 in a row. Bait had to be replaced after every 2 or 3 fish.

From: Evan: IN 3/13/14

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