Gitzit Small Fry - $2.59

The Gitzit Small Fry is a tasty little fry imitation that bass, crappie, trout and other game fish have trouble resisting. Its lifelike head comes complete with 3D eyes, gill plates and realistic coloring, and it also features a sharp #2 hook. The Small Fry’s lifelike soft plastic body and paddle tail offer the same great action as the Gitzit Paddle Fry, and it works great jigged along the bottom, retrieved through the water column, or even suspended from a bobber. Available in several proven colors, the Gitzit Small Fry is a versatile little bait that works in a range of fishing conditions.

Includes 1 fully rigged bait & 2 extra bodies.

Gitzit Length Weight
Small Fry 2" 3/16oz
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Gitzit Small Fry

3 Available Colors

  • Golden Shiner
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  • Perch
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  • Shad
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Comments: Great bait works for everything I caught a load of crappie bass and brim in my first try with it

From: Jacob: USA

Comments: This is a great bait for small Bass its one of my favorite swimbaits for baby bass and bluegill and is worth it for the price

From: Peter: Santa Clarita, CA

Comments: This little bait casts a good distance and catches fish when it's tuff. I did catch 5 fish to my partners number of "0" before I lost this in a snag on the bottom.

From: Mike: Sacramento, CA

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