Got'Em Coach Real Gill Swimbait

Got'Em Coach Real Gill Swimbait

When you want to put big bass in the boat, the Got’em Coach Real Gill Swimbait is the one for you.  Designed to withstand abuse from jagged structure and monster bass, the Got’em Coach Real Gill Swimbait’s detailed scaling, laser lifelike printing, and 3D eyes create a durable and attractive swimbait that gets bit. A multi-jointed construction brings to life the smooth, natural action and helps it maintain a consistent depth with a moderate-to-fast retrieve.  Crafted with an incredible attention to detail and the utmost quality, the Got’em Coach Real Gill Swimbait comes with two Owner ST-41 hooks - the rear hook is positioned on a rotating swivel to prevent acrobatic fish from coming loose. Rounding out the design of the Got’em Coach Real Gill Swimbait is its fiber strand tail that adds an outstanding level of realism to the already impressive appearance. 

Got'Em Coach Length Weight Hooks Class
Real Gill 7" 3oz Owner- ST56 Floating
Real Gill 7" 3.1oz Owner- ST56 Slow-Sink

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7 Colors

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    Model No. 7FT-BLUEGILL
    Blue Gill
    Size Stock Qty
    Floating 3
    Slow Sink 5+
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    Model No. 7FT-CRAPPIE
    Size Stock Qty
    Floating 2
    Slow Sink 5
  • View Large
    Dirty Crappie
    Size Stock Qty
    Floating 3
    Slow Sink 3
  • View Large
    Model No. 7FT-NINJA
    Size Stock Qty
    Floating 1
    Slow Sink 2
  • View Large
    Size Stock Qty
    Floating 3
    Slow Sink 2
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    Red Ear Gill
    Size Stock Qty
    Floating 2
    Slow Sink 2
  • View Large
    White Crappie
    Size Stock Qty
    Floating 03/14
    Slow Sink 3

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Customer Reviews

Comments: recently got my slow sink in bluegill color. knew a lake where they eat bluegills frequently. within two trips to the lake I've caught 6 bass over 6lbs and many others on this bait. I would have to disagree with any negative review on this bait. hands down a must have for swim baiters. one issue i did have is the clear coat peeling off the bait.. not sure why when its near brand new.

From: Christian: Orlando, FL 5/23/15

Comments: I ordered 3 of these and they are a absolute game changer! The motion of the bait is as good as it gets, durability is amazing! I've smacked them on some pretty hard surfaces on accident and they don't break or chip paint. Compared to other swimbaits that are over priced this bait is worth every dollar especially with spawn coming up these bluegill are a amazing on beds. 

From: Mathew: Austin, TX 2/21/15

Comments: I was a little hesitant to spend $70 on a swim bait, but I'm glad I did. This is exactly what I was looking for. It's BIG for a bluegill swim bait (its really thick too), the paint job is awesome, it swims very realistically but you can make it do crazy twists and twitches too. This swim bait is great if you want a larger bluegill swimbait, its the largest one I could find. I just got it so, I haven't got the chance to catch a fish on it, being 0 degrees outside and such, but I'm sure I'll smash em when spring gets here.

From: Andrew: VA 1/29/15

Comments: The bait looks good in the pictures but not so much in hand. I was not impressed at how it swam and neither were the fish. Not one bite! They will expand and break in heat. Keep them cool. Better yet, for the price you can buy a much better bait.

From: Stan: Dallas, TX 8/4/14

Comments: I checked into it and the Got'Em Coach lures are imported but don't come as a finished product. They spend a week in production is the US before the finished product is ready. Quality and detail are outstanding. The swim bait is durable and takes a beating. The lure is marketed for the larger bass. Yes they are rare but like they say throw big baits catch big fish. It's a bait that you just have to try for yourself. I love throwing it, it might not always get bit but when it does it produces the big ones.

From: Brandon: Clearlake, CA 7/29/14

Comments: When you rip it and give it a little slack over and over it makes this nice Bloop sound. It triggers some gigantic blow ups! The guy below from Cali, I respect your opinion but I couldn't disagree more. All of mine are in superb condition many fish later. My floater has nailed over 30 fish this summer to 6# and has 2 tiny chips in the paint. I'm in the Midwest though where they really key in on gills.

From: Ryan: Evansville, IN 7/29/14

Comments: The Got'em Coach bait is greatly over priced at $70. This is a made in china bait that costs about $5 to make. If this bait was $25 then it would be decent because I would compare it to other baits in the price range. at $70 You must compare it to other bluegill baits in that range and that's where it fails miserably. The 3:16, Matt's, Rago's, and even the JSJ are far superior quality in just about every aspect. The Got'em bait does get bit but not very often and big fish are even more rare. The bait looks good in the pictures but when you actually hold one in your hands you can see the lack of quality and the overall cheap feel. If the bait was a great producer I could over look this, but it's not. I would rank this bait slightly behind the Ty lures gill. Again $70 is just way to much for this bait and the lack of results. if it was $25 it would be a decent substitute bait if you could not find, or afford a high quality bait.

From: Rick: Castaic, CA 6/26/14

Comments: I just got mine today. The detail on it is amazing! don't know how it swims yet but the video was the selling point for me. will def get more soon

From: Brandon: san diego, ca

Comments: Absolutely amazing i love it! my first day out i caught a 5 pound bass out of a medium sized pond. I expect to pull some big bass out with this big guy. And this bait is quite big. Even on my powell swimbait rod that can handle 3 oz plus. but if you can fish it its amazing.

From: TX

Comments: I just landed my PB on this lure and my first swimbait fish ever! She was a 7.70 lb post spawner. I was burning it like a lipless crankbait and just felt weight! This is one of my first nicer swimbaits so I'm so happy I can't stand it. My older brother in Ca. told me to throw this and he was right. I can't wait to get this on more of my favorite ponds when I get my first car next month! Like my bro keeps saying '' swimbaits will work on the east coast''!

From: Bryce: Richmond, Va.

Comments: Well made bait gets bit. Fun swimbait. I will be buying more.

From: Robert:  Battle Creek, MI

Comments:  @colton- yeah, I'm sure all your rods, line, reels & other baits are made in the USA too huh? Lol. Anyways- there's videos starting to go around the Internet of it swimming- this bait looks super sick. Big thumbs up for the swiveling hook hanger- a feature all big baits should have. I'll def be buying one this summer. Hope they have plans for a hard shad bait too, as there's a serious lack of quality hard shad baits out there.
Good job Get'em coach!

From: Brian: Atlanta, ga

Comments: They're cheap because they are made in China, wehere Rago and JSJ baits are made in the USA...I think I'll support a made in the USA company regardless of price.....

From: Colton: San Diego

Comments: I got red ear gill. wow very beautiful detail now i want order more gills and can't wait to see trout too.. must have it!!

From: Nick: USA

Comments: hey xai this bait sounds big @ 6"  but its actualy got a nice thin profile,it looks more like a 4 1/2" size swimbait....its almost on par with a tylure gill.and with the detail and sturdyness and feel this bait has its well worth $50,im actualy surprised its not priced up there with jsj or rago baits....with the detail and build quality trust me.....ur gettin one bada## bait for the buck.i know im gonna be gettn me more...redear is next..wooop!!!!

From: tattoomafia: USA

Comments: WOW!!!!!! i ordered the bluegill n the peacock,and these r simply amazing looking baits and have an amazing quality to them.i have ALOOTTTTTTT of swimbaits and gill swimbaits,these hands down are prolly the,most realistic looking...blows most brands clear off the chart, like my matts lures,tylures,jsj,you name it.i havent taken them to the waters yet to see what the bass think,but played around with it the hottub to see the action....this thing looks real and alive in the water.these guys might be new to the swimbait game,but man did they hit a grandslam with this bait,cant wait to see the trout lures they r coming out with soon.

From: Steveo: USA

Comments: I love it. The best looking bluegill swimbait I've seen. Wish it was smaller. Never used it or have one. Too expensive for my blood. I will order one if they made one smaller like 4 or 3.5 inches and price it around $30. For this price, they shoulda made it out of titanium or plutonium.

From: Xai: Her

Comments: I just got mine in today, and I have to say that the detail and workmanship are xcellant! I tried it briefly to watch it swim and its really nice looking in the water Ill be posting a video and report later this spring.

From: Steve: Northeast, MD

Comments: I finally got 3 of these bad boys in Blue Gill, Green Gill and Redear and I'm floored!! These are so hyper realistic! I'm just dying to start throwing these once the water warms up... I tested them in the water and the swimming action is MONEY! Super realistic and they trick very well. The tail is much more impressive in person. I love how the back hook rotates. I've had many bass big kinda nip at the back hook on other gill swimbaits I fish and lost them shortly after. I'm quite positive this will greatly improve my chance of landing them this way. These are worth every penny. I'll post another review once I've stuck some big green fish on these real Gillz.

From: Ryan: Seattle, WA

Comments: man these things look hella sweet...def gonna be grabn me alot of these...that peacock gill is wicked.

From: Steveo: us of a

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