One of the best selling lures in the country has just been enlarged for the big bass trophy hunters - introducing the Grande Bass Diamondback Rattlesnake.  Measuring in at 6-1/2-inches, the Diamondback still retains the same ring size and gaps as the original.  Also loaded with Grande Bass’ Mega3 attractant, it combines the most powerful bass attractants and masking formulas to keep those lunkers holding on as if the Diamondback were real prey.  Available in several proven colors, the Grande Bass Diamondback Rattlesnake now gives the angler a larger, water “shaking” bait with unmatched action.

Length Quantity
6.5" 5

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Had these baits for a long time and did not know what to do with them but finally put on a C-rig and have caught several 6+lb fish on them. Great bait, holds up well. I feel the rings create more of disturbance underwater and hold spray on scent better.

From: Martin: Carthage, TX 8/20/14

Comments: i caught 17 pounds of bass in less than a half an hour with this bait.
From: Ben: MO

Comments: These are the best all around baits. I have caught multiple bass over 10lbs on these and have won many local tournaments, and placed 5th in a state tournament using these.

Comments: Great soft plastics.  Very good action.  I have won big fish honors in several tournaments this year thanks to the Rattlesnake.

From: Tony: Toccoa, GA

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