The Grande Bass Flash is a darting, swimming, vibration displacing, life-like fish-catching dominator. Extremely versatile, you can swim it or walk it, but perhaps the Flash’s most exciting characteristic appears when you kill it on slack line. The Grande Bass Flash will actually turn on its following prey - then it’s lights out.  Super soft and loaded with Grande’s patented Mega3 juice, everyone from the weekend angler to the serious professional will appreciate what the Grande Bass Flash can do.

For shallow and weightless presentations - Grande Bass recommends using a 4/0 offset EWG hook - the rate of fall is very slow, and you can let the Flash seductively sink through the water column or burn it across the top.

For deeper applications - Grande Bass recommends using a 4/0 1/8oz weighted swimbait hook with a screw lock bait keeper.

Length Quantity
5" 8

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: great bait fished weightless... They actually will dart/move back away from you when fishing it slow with a jerk.  I'm a big fan of these...even over a zoom fluke.

From: Greg: Austin, TX 4/11/14

Comments: My favorite fluke style bait for sure. The plastic is tougher than most and the hinged center allows for extra action when using a jerk style retrieve.

From: Kevin: Austin, TX

Comments: These flash baits are better then zoom flukes in my opinion because of how slowlytheysink and flow in thewater looks so much more realistic and also how you burry the hookintotheslit for thehookit much moreeasier and more easyaccess. get a pack guys!

From: Brian: Lakeforest, USA

Comments: the best fluke type bait out there have caught many fish on them and many more to come!

From: Austin: Saginaw, TX

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