GrandeBass Mega Claws 8pk

GrandeBass Mega Claws 8pk

Featuring a revolutionary design, the Grande Bass Mega Claws is one of the most realistic and action-packed crawfish-style baits around. Fish it alone, or as a jig trailer, the Mega Claws’ two huge pinchers and various appendages flap wildly on the fall and as it swims through the water.  Also loaded with Grande Bass’ Mega3 attractant, it makes bass hold on longer - combining powerful bass attractants and masking formulas.  Available in a variety of colors, the Grande Bass Mega Claws delivers a living, breathing action that bass have trouble passing up.

Length Quantity
4" 8

12 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Best  Jig trailer I'v ever used!!! It has caught me 2 Kansas master angler smallies and 1 master angler largemouth. And I've only just started using them this spring! These baits catch GrandeBass no doubt!

From: Kevin: Manhattan, KS 3/24/15 

Comments: Don't be afraid to fish these in the salt. Use it as a creature bait in the kelp, calicos and brown rockfisk wreck this bait! I like to fish it when the water temp is down, put some scent on it and dead stick it. Rod loads up and its game on!

From: RC: Los Angeles, CA 10/28/14

Comments: While using a GrandeBass Mega Claw as a trailer on my ChatterBait I caught an 8.8 pound Black Bass and a 5 pound bass out of Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas. I used a jig and Mega Claw trailer on the San Marcos River with great success and bass ranging from 1 to 4 pounds.

From: Steve: Buda, TX 10/2/14

Comments: Great bait for pitching and punching through thick grass and weeds with a Texas rig. Similar to Berkley crazy legs chigger craw, but these claws have more action. Great color selection. Caught a 9.3 pound bass at Lake Biwa in Japan in the Okeechobee craw color. 

From: Ed: Osaka, Japan 8/5/14

Comments: Best jig trailer on the market! Incredible action and they come loaded with salt. Also try swimming these on the back of a dirty jigs swim jig thank Steve from

From: CJ: PA

Comments: This is my favorite new bait!! i purchased them about a month ago and i am shocked with the amount of quality fish they catch.They caught me my personal best(6.58) when paired with a kvd swim jig.Pretty good for NJ i cant wait to order more!!

From: Joe: NJ

Comments: Really wish they still had the ribs on the bottom but nor-less an awesome craw as it stands

From: Ohio Bassin

Comments: This is my favorite craw.  I fish this t-rigged.  I like this craw because of the ribbing which creates air bubbles as it's sinking.  Note that newer baits do not have this ribbing on the belly, as can be seen on the Lake Falcon Craw picture.

From: Tim: NY

Comments: Great pitching bait! Bama bug is one of my go to colors when I fish the local rivers and bayous. The scent could considered supercharged garlic, which never hurts.

From: Tim: TX

Comments: Well awesome Texas rig.Blue Fleck Is one of my favorite colors.It caught me a 6.8 Pounder and a 9.1 Pounder at Lake Falcon.MY overall favorite is Bama bug i caught a 10.10 Pounder at fort phantom hill and 8.3 and 8.9 Pounders and found my self at TPWD(texas parks wildlife department) for lake record which kinda suprised me because 10 pounds is small!!!!!!!

From: Thomas: San Angelo, TX

Comments: My #1 favorite jig trailer. Caught a nice 6lb bass off the dam at a local lake to win a small bank fishing tournament I was in. Tried all kinds of other things all day and went back to this as the tourney was ending and I am sure glad I did! GrandeBass makes awesome products you wont be dissapointed!

From: Nathan: Ft. Worth, TX

Comments: this on a swim jig is awesome i love the Okeechobee and water melon red on days that nothing is getting bites swimming it produces fish, cant wait to get more

From: TX

Comments: The GrandeBass Mega Claws has a little different action than similar baits, i especially like the antennas, they also move on the fall. This is a great bait for flipping and punching mats, the craws have straight slits in them and trap air, when baits hits bottom, air bubbles will raise from bait. I caught some big fish on Lake Seminole while fishing as a non boater in a tournament. This bait has great action!

From: Dow: Jonesbough, TN

Comments: Great bait to Texas rig. Lots of action, black blue flake and Texas Craw are the colors that work for me.

From: Jesse: Visalia, CA

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