H2Out Space Dryer

H2Out Space Dryer

The H2Out Space Dryers are perfect for removing damage-causing moisture from rod lockers, storage compartments, and areas where electrical wiring is vulnerable to condensation. A great accessory for the RV, truck, or garage, the H2Out Space Dryers use space-age technologies to create a safe, and re-usable method for preventing dampness, mold, mildew, fungus, and odors. The sleek, perforated metal canisters house water-absorbing crystals, which gradually change color from blue to pink as they trap moisture. After the H2Out Space Dryers reach maximum absorption, bring them back to life with a quick and simple heating process (details below). Ideal for all levels of humidity, the H2Out Space Dryers utilize the same non-toxic, non-flammable, odor-free desiccants that NASA uses. The H2Out Space Dryer has been proven to eliminate rust, corrosion, oxidation, and tarnish without the use of messy, old-fashioned products in a bucket. Available in two sizes, take a step into the new era of moisture protection with the H2Out Space Dryer.

H2Out SD103  - Capable of removing moisture from up to 5 cubic feet (1’X1’X5’-based on 50% humidity at 70-degrees), the H2OutSD103 is perfect for small compartments on the boat, storage totes, and tackleboxes.

H2Out SD106 – Perfect for rod lockers, truck toolboxes, large totes, and gun safes, the H2Out SD106 is capable of removing condensation from up to 20 Cubic feet (2’X2’X5’- based on 50% humidity at 70-degrees).

Recharging Information:
-Recharge every 4-6 weeks
-To Recharge place in Electric or Convection oven: Heat for 1 hour at 325-degrees.
-Gas ovens: Place in covered pan on stove for approx. 1 hour, opening the lid every couple of minutes to release trapped moisture.

H2Out Dimensions Weight
SD103 3" x 1.75" 3oz
SD106 6" x 1.75" 6oz

1 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this suff works exalent re use able just a great way to keep rust away!

From: Travis: WA

Comments: Great product works really great! cant wait for the tackle box sizes for hardbaits!

From: Clark

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