HI-SEAS Quattro Camo Fluorocarbon Line 200yd

HI-SEAS Quattro Camo Fluorocarbon Line 200yd

The HI-SEAS Quattro Camo Fluorocarbon Line combines HI-SEAS exclusive Quattro 4-color camo technology with fluourocarbon line. The unique coloring process alternates four scientifically selected colors along the fluorocarbon to reduce light transmission and create maximum invisibility. Rest assured, HI-SEAS designed the line to be smooth and supple, making handling and long casts easy and worry-free. Now with the added stealth of camouflage, the Hi-SEAS Quattro Camo Fluoro Carbon Line takes the invisibility of fluorocarbon to a whole new level.

Line Diameter 8lb 10lb 12lb 15lb 20lb
Inches .011 .013 .014 .016 .016
Millimeters .28 .32 .35 .40 .40

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HI-SEAS Quattro Line 200yd 8lb $20.99 3
HI-SEAS Quattro Line 200yd 10lb $22.99 5+
HI-SEAS Quattro Line 200yd 12lb $24.99 5+
HI-SEAS Quattro Line 200yd 15lb $31.99 5+
HI-SEAS Quattro Line 200yd 20lb $39.99 3

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have used the 10lb and 12lb on baitcasting reels, a Daiwa sv105 and a tatulaR8.1 & Revo Winch respectively. Both are VERY low memory, I honestly think they are on to something with the multi colored dye. I have used regular hiseas which is also great, but the memory is even less with Quattro fluoro. It is thicker so you can downsize diameter/pound test and still get the same strength. My greatest attest to the strength is I caught around a 9lb flathead catfish on a small football jig (12lb) and was dragged all through timber/rocks; had no problem landing the fish.

From: Weston: Batesville, AR 1/29/16

Comments: I have used the 8lb version for finesse & cranking applications & its strongest attribute is castability; very smooth & low memory for a fluorocarbon (it is better than Seaguar AbrazX in that department, probably about par with Seguar InvisX). It is slightly thicker than the same rated weight of Seaguar in the 8 to 15 lb lines. Overall, a good fluorocarbon that seems to excel in castability & perform well in abrasion resistance and strength, but lags behind a bit in thickness compared to other highly-rated fluorocarbon options.

From: Scott: AR 9/3/15

Comments: This Line really is the best flourocarbon I have ever used- and I have used it all (seagaur, Gamma, Sunline, Etc.). I used the 8lb Quattro Flouro to win a tournament on Lake Norman dropshotting in 45ft of water for big spotted bass. I was pulling up huge brushpiles and bending out hooks. Then I turn right around and throw 20lb Quattro Flouro on all my swimjig and hollowbelly swimbait applications on the Potomac River. Even in the thick grass- this stuff just will not break. It is SUPER smooth due to the dying process. Try it and you will absolutely love it.

From: Ben: Raleigh, NC

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