Hag's Undertaker 5pk

Hag's Undertaker 5pk

Combining the most prominent features of several popular and effective soft plastics, the Hag's Undertaker is designed to be the ultimate bass bait. Featuring a ribbed worm body with a craw head and pinchers, as well as, multiple creature bait inspired appendages, the Undertaker is also constructed from same special formula soft plastic as the famous Tornado worm. When resting on the bottom on a Texas-rig or as a jig trailer, the Undertaker’s unique composition causes it to stand straight up with the claws rising in a defensive craw position and the appendages moving with the current. On a Carolina-rig the entire bait actually floats off the bottom. Even equipped with a special rattle chamber that doubles as an air pocket, the Hag’s Undertaker has the same soft feel to bass as the Tornado worm, and it's also scented with garlic for added bass attraction.

Length Quantity
5.25" 5

8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I tried this bait for the first time recently. I cut the long body part off and then put the head half onto a mop jig. literally on the 2nd flip, wham, over a four lb. bass! It was on a river, in current, in tough post front conditions. I was sold. The bait has very good action and stood up very well, as I fished it most of the day without having to replace it. I used the black neon paired with an Alton Jones "A" mop jig. Nice bait, try it!


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