Offering incredible performance for a reasonable price, the Halo Daylite Series Casting Rods are multi-purpose bass fishing rods designed by professional bass fishing anglers. Extremely lightweight and durable, the blanks provide excellent sensitivity in a range of pro-tested lengths, tapers, and actions. Super strong braid-resistant micro guides also provide excellent casting distance and accuracy, while blank-thru reel seats and EVA split grips provide all day fishing comfort and a balanced feel. Affordable rods with a host of high-end features on a quality blank, South Florida-based Halo Fishing has delivered again with the Halo Daylite Series Casting Rods.

Please Note: Halo Fishing does not provide Taper, Line, or Lure Ratings.

-Backed by a 1-year "no-questions asked" warranty from date of purchase. After 1 year, there is an unconditional $20 replacement period for 10 years. 

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought the 7'6" rod for flippin/pitchin & within the first two weeks the rod snapped in half. Not to mention the guides bend Extremely easy. spend the extra $20 and get a veritas 2.0/duckett ghost/skeet reese rod.

From: Kyle: Tomah, WI 7/28/15

Comments: I must say for the money its got the attitide - I fish Falcon Lake frequently & have caught several hogs over 8 and one over 12lbs  out of some wicked thickets of thorny bushes. with my shimano calcutta and my halo day-life 7' - I mean its awesome to know that i have a batch of castaways rods falcons rods  all star and g-loomis and they are all most med-hvy 7 or 7 1/2 ft and i would not even flinch if i used any them but the kicker is the modern  concept vs. the old syle - is that they are lighter thus making one fish harder without getting tired after 500 to 700 hundred cast  in a day of hard fishing or sometimes even all nighters and thats why i love this rod

From: Edward: McAllen, TX 7/5/15

Comments: Best rod i have. I have a Duckett White Ice (which tthe duckett is good to) But for the price you just cant beat it. I went from not being able to catch fish on a jig till i picked this up . I do recommend the duckett but the halo is just as good. Very sensitive and comfy in hand. I'm about to invest in the Halo Twillite because they say its better than this rod. If its better then this rod then the Twillite is got to be the best rod out the. You will love this rod!

From: Jacob: USA 3/8/15

Comments: I originally bought this rod at the end of last spring and I wanted the main purpose to be for frogging/topwater so I bought the 7'3 heavy action. I also bought a Lew's SS1SH to put on it. One of my cheapest combos but by far my favorite. It is crazy light but looks totally badass. After fishing for a while with it I found that even though it is a heavy action rod with a stiff back bone, the tip is very sensitive and I even throw jigs and even spinnerbaits. The only thing that is iffy for me about this rod is that it seems that the feet of the eyelets are not secured extremely well. I have not had issues yet though. I love this rod and it is very cheap. I would definitely by this product again!

From: Ethan: Noblesville, IN 3/4/15

Comments: Purchased the 7' MH and think that its a good looking rod, I Have had 2 of these rods and both times the guides fell out in the tip. This rod is not very light either. The tip is also very stiff in my opinion. I will not be buying another one of these rods.

From: Justin: CT 11/16/14

Comments: bought the 7'3" heavy at 4th of July sale-while I will not tell you I am going to sell all my other rods and buy Halo only I will say this rod has performed very well for me. Have a Lew's team Gold mounted on it and do not notice any tip heaviness with rod--use it for pitching docks and I could not ask for a better rod for the price--would consider more Halo's for future purchase based on this rod----read several reviews about Halo rods not being very sensitive-that has not been the case for me--very happy with the way it fishes

From: Dave: OH 8/13/14

Comments: I decided that I was going to invest in a better rod as a froggin rod so after reading the reviews and seeing the price point I jumped on the Halo daylight series 7' mh and out of the box I was stoked! It looked good, was light in my hand, and once I seated my lews speed spool it looked great. Once I got into the water though I just wasn't all that impressed, I feel like this rod was extremely hyped up and for me it didn't match the hype. I'm going to shop around to compare other rods to the Halo series

From: Brad: Olathe, KS 8/11/14

Comments: I bought the 7'3" heavy model for flipping. This rod was nice and sensitive but the components are pretty cheaply made. The guides bend to the point where they break off. The bottom three guides bent just from transporting the rod. Also within the first 5 trips the eyelet came out of the end guide. But the rod itself works really nice for flipping. I won't buy another one though.

From: Austin: Alexandria, LA 8/10/14

Comments: This rod was excellent for its price range but i found the guides where easy to bend. I caught a 5lber on a umbrella rig and it bent 3 guides. Also the grip came apart at the bottom.

From: Cole: USA 7/17/14

Comments: Best rod under $200 I've ever used, I was an avid duckett user until I picked one of these up, more sensitive, more powerful, and way lighter, I'm selling all my ducketts to buy more of these, they handle these big florida bass great

From: Caleb: St. Cloud, Fl

Comments: I've had this rod a little over 8 months and have no complaints what so ever. I bought the 7'6 H for a flipping/ pitching rod. I've beat the crap out of this rod( Had a dresser fall on it, Put it In my ceiling fan and just plain use.) This rod is very durable, light as a feather, has a nice tip and plenty of backbone. I've personally landed several fish over 7lbs with this rod and handled perfect. Halo hit the nail on the head with this. This rod shouldn't only be 80 bucks

From: Hunter: FL

Comments: This is an excellent rod. I have the 7'6" and use it for flippin and pitchin and could not ask for a better rod to do it with. This rod has true micro-guides and is as light as a feather. The rod loads up very nice when setting the hook as well. You cant get a better rod for the price period, this rod is definitely being undervalued at just $80.

From: Wesley: Seminole, Oklahoma

Comments: Can't believe how nice this rod is for the under $100. Was expecting the tip to be a bit soft on the 7'MH but it is actually pretty quick. Rod is light and balances nicely. Have a not yet released Pflueger Patriarch on it and cannot wait to make this my primary worm/jig rod

From: Matt: NY

Comments: Love the Rod very apprehensive at first but they are great for flipping and pitching.

From: Rob: New Martinsville,WV, US

Comments: This is one of my best rods.I have the 7' m/h for worm fishing and it has worked flawlessly.You can get the same results,from other manufacturers but you will spend twice the money.Best rod for the money imho period.

From: Ronnie: Locust Grove, Ga

Comments: I purchased this rod trying to move on from another but it's not sensitive nor worth 80$ il just spend the extra 20 ta get TFO's from now on

From: Jim: Cullman, AL

Comments: Just Got My Rod in and its AWESOME! Micro guides are very small. Same quality rod as a Duckett rod. Very sensitive. Pulled a 5 pounder out of the mats like it was nothing.

From: BoBo: Gunnerville, Bama

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