Offering incredible performance for a reasonable price, the Halo Daylite Series Spinning Rods are multi-purpose bass fishing rods designed by professional bass fishing anglers. Extremely lightweight and durable, the blanks provide excellent sensitivity in a range of pro-tested lengths, tapers, and actions. Super strong braid-resistant guides also provide excellent casting distance and accuracy, while blank-thru reel seats and EVA split grips provide all day fishing comfort and a balanced feel. Affordable rods with a host of high-end features on a quality blank, South Florida-based Halo Fishing has delivered again with the Halo Daylite Series Spinning Rods.

Backed by a 1-year "no-questions asked" warranty from date of purchase. After 1 year, there is an unconditional $20 replacement period for 10 years.

Please Note: Halo Fishing does not provide Taper, Line, or Lure Ratings.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: My buddy bought me this rod and i am truly disapointed in it. First off, he got me 7 ft medium, and this thing is a meat stick. Definite medium heavy, not what i hoped at all. I actually stopped large mouth fishing with it and now use it in bunker snagging for stripers in saltwater cuz its got so much backbone. The rod itself is very poorly constructed. Its heavy, and the mirco guides are poorly made so that the line slaps brutally and dramatically decreases casting distance. On top of it, the handle spins completely upside down, and the top rod insert broke. This rod shouldn't be marketed more than $30, which is the same price of that plastic matzuo reel combo, which I own and use over this thing.

From: Ray: PA 12/12/14

Comments: Pretty sweet pole. The rod itself has great action, however the 7 ft med rod might as well become your go to saltwater rod. Its heavy and very thick. I also had very bad issues with the handle not being glued on correctly. Nice pole but a cruddy job finishing it.

From: Mike: NJ 7/10/14

Comments: Pretty disappointed in this rod. I've had two of the 7' medium action rods and both times out the tips broke within a fish or two. Not sure why. I've never had that problem with any o my other rods. Going to stick with Duckett and Powell.

From: Billy: PA

Comments: Nice Rod! bought the 7 foot medium heavy. got it yesterday, took it out on the water and caught a nice 3 and a half pound smallie on it! it handles well and looks great! im very pleased.

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