Developed by professional bass anglers including FLW Tour standout, Randall Tharp, the Halo Fishing Twilite Series Casting Rods deliver extreme sensitivity and unparalleled strength. Lightweight as well, thanks in part to advanced micro guide technology, the super strong, braid-resistant stainless steel micro guides greatly reduce weight, while increasing casting distance and accuracy. Precisely engineered actions also offer all the attributes you need for a multitude of bass fishing applications. Available in a range of lengths and tapers, the Halo Fishing Twilite Series Casting Rods deliver tournament caliber performance at a reasonable price. Go on, set the hook!

-Backed by a 1-year "no-questions asked" warranty from date of purchase. After 1 year, there is an unconditional $30 replacement period for 15 years.

FLW Tour pro, Randall Tharp, used the Halo Fishing Twighlite Series Casting Rods en route to his 2012 Walmart FLW Tour victory at Lake Okeechobee.

Please Note: Halo Fishing does not provide Taper, Line, or Lure Ratings.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I'm not a big finesse guy, but really like to spinning rods. I purchased the biggest, toughest rod offered for fishing shakeyheads. Immediately fell in love. This is the first spinning rod that I have ever enjoyed using with confidence.

From: Blake: Guntersville, AL 9/18/15

Comments: After snapping 3 Denali junk flipping sticks on big o, I was suggested to give this halo a shot. Now I can say this is the right one for flipping the thick mat. Strong enough to pull the giant out without any trouble. From all the rods I have , no one else can do the same thing .

From: Lee: Hollywood, FL

Comments: Started out trying the 7'6 Med Hvy Twilite I was very impressed with the rod. I just recently got the 7'4 med hvy cranking rod and the 7'11 extra hvy twilite the cranking rod is by far the best cranking rod I've ever used. The 7'11 is a great rod for my big A-rigs looking forward to punching mats this summer with it!

From: Trent: Monroe, Louisiana

Comments: I bought a 7'6" Hvy and was going to use it as a worwing rod. That plan fell apart when I found out the rod felt dead, I was going to just give it away and just on a hunch I decided to try it our for braided frogs in the thick slop. I am now a BIG time Halo Twilite fan and LOVE this rod. I sucks BAD at fishing worms, jig,s but damn if it isn't the best made frogging rod I've ever use. I doubt the make a better frog rod of any price. You buy one but remember the only thing it does well is frog fish but it damn sure does it good.

From: Gary

Comments: I have several Halo Rods both cranking and the regular twilight series. The cranking rods are phenomenal! I haven't lost a fish 0n a crankbait yet this year! The heavier flipping rods do an excellent job. They are sensitive, strong, and won't break when you flip a 5-pounder in the boat. I have had the same issue with the guide tip as some of the others but I called Halo and He sent me two new tips within 3 days that way I had one for backup. I haven't had the problem since I put the new one on. But they even offered to replace the entire rod if I wasn't satisfied with the repair. Overall they Get an A in my book.

From: Scott: Lake Champlain, VT

Comments: I was excited when I first read all the reviews on the Halo Twilite Rod's and it made me order one. I bought the 7'6" Med-Hvy Rod and I am pretty unhappy that I did. The rod looks good and it is light but as far as fishing goes, The rod just feels dead. I thought it would make a great Texas rig rod but I was wrong. I do not get the same crisp thump's like I get from my other rods, The Halo just give a thud. I wasted my money on this one and I hope to stop someone else from making the same miss step I did. Mine is for sale after owning it for two weeks and one fishing trip.

From: Kevin: LA

Comments: I got this rod no more than 2 weeks ago and the ring inside of the eylet came out on a hookset. I have a tournament this weekend so I hope the replacement eyelet comes quick. Other than that little problem, this rod is light weight, sensitive and very balanced.

From: Austin

Comments: I must admit, this Halo Twilite is the first Rod ever, that while I was unpackaging the Rod I got that WoW factor. This thing is a work of art. I never expected this Rod to be so good for only $140.00 I have fished Powell, Duckett, Falcon and St. Croix and this Halo Rod BLOW's them all out of the water. The way this thing bends and holds the fish is amazing, it is light, strong and very sensitive. I am impressed. I will be buying more very soon

From: Terry

Comments: Update to last post,used everyone of the rods, 7'3" mh for senko's, worked great.7'3" h for big easy, swimming through needle grass,pads,had to really man handle a couple of fish out of the weeds, no issues, 7'11" xh flipped with it for a half a day, took a little getting use to,but worked great, only got small fish on it, but action seems great, 1st and 3rd rods pretty sensitive,the blanks do have some type of fiberglass in the composition of the rod,they are not a carrot stick, I think these things are made to fish Lake Okeechobee,or other similar lakes,that potentially have real nasty stuff..

From: Randy: West Palm Beach, FL

Comments: Just received some halo rods, (twilite) 7'11" xheavy, 7'3" mh, 7'3" h, have not used them yet, after examining, the blank are super straight, the guides are all perfectly straight, all have a slight parabolic blank, mounted  lews tourn. pro on the 2 7'3"'s and seem to balance perfect with the reels on them... the 7'11" with a slightly heavier reel balanced great also, don't know why people are so down on these rods? I ordered some Duckett white ice rods when tw had a sale, and sent them back the same day I received them. Thats how bad they were. the craftmanship on these rods is great.I don't work for halo either.

From: Randy: West Palm Beach, FL

Comments: I am an old man now and I have a life time of fishing under my belt. I could fish any rod I wanted but I choose to fish with Halo Twilite's. I am extremely happy with Halo Rods. Once you have factored in the price and performance, Their isn't a better rod on the planet. Buy some, you will be happy with them.

From: Robert: LA

Comments: The Halo Twilite is the best Rod I have ever laid hands on. I can't believe how good this Rod really is, I was using Duckett White Ice rod's but after fishing with a Halo, I sold all of my Duckett's and replaced them all with Halo Twilite Rod's. I am VERY happy with this Rod.

From: Gary: TX

Comments: These are awsome rods. I have been fishing these rods for about four months now. I love them. I have the 7-11 xxx this rod is bad to the bone. I have landed two fish over 9lbs. Out of thick matts , No issues. I have been flipping a 2 ounce weight on 80 lb. test braid no issues. I have flipped with some of the best rods ever made. These are awsome rods. I am not sure when and why the guys sore mouthing the product say these rods failed. I have never seen a rod break in three pieces. I am sure about some of their post. However I can tell you this I can have any rod I want. I will be buying more of these. Great rods Halo keep up the good work.

From: Jimmie: Ocala, FL

Comments: I have three of these rods and absolutely love them. I have flippedwith two of them. I have caught two fish already over nine pounds out of mats with 80 lb braid and two ounce weight. The 7-11 xxx is bad to the bone. This is the best balanced big rod I have ever flipped with. I love to flip and could get any rod I want. I chose this rod because of the weight. It is perfectly balanced. I know a lot of guys have sore mouthed these rods. I don't think they are boat flipping 5 lbers. I have fished with some of the best rods ever built. I have tried to put this rods through a thorough test. I wouldn't take a chance of costing myself money on the tournament trail. Don't listen to the bad reviews. They might of broke a few when they first came out. I know I have fished mine for 6 months now and absolutely love them. Thanks Halo fishing keep up the good work. I think the name is cool as well.

Comments: the reason why they break is alot of people dont know how to treat them. i have the "7,11" extra heavy.

From: Tyler: FL

Comments: purchased 3 of these rods. They were supposed to be the best thing since sliced  bread. What a piece of junk heavy, unbalanced and i have broke 3 of them. halo will not be getting anymore of my money.

From: David: Rome, GA

Comments:  best rods i have ever used... i sold all my gloomis and duckett rods and replaced them with the halo line.. best warranty on the market with a very fair price for what you are getting. Very light and extrwmely strong... ten out of ten for me!!!

From: John: SC

Comments: Have recently purchased 3 Halo Twilite rods. 7'6 heavy , 7'3 Heavy and 7'6 medium. Great rods. Sensitivity , Strength and castability are amazing. Whether it flipping , Chunkin a soft plastic swim bait or a rattle trap , there great rods. I've used other micro guide rods and theres no comparison. Cant wait for the inshore rods to hit the stores.

From: James: Ocala, FL

Comments: I have twelve of the Halo Twilite Rods from the 6.6 m all the way up to a 7.11 xh and i ABSOLUTELY love them. Extremely sensitive and powerful. I have also had the oppritunity to use the Halo Fishing Crankbait Rod, and to this day i have never had a rod handle a DD22 with such ease than this one. I strongly advise anyone to try them!! Thanks Again Halo for making such a great rod!!!

From: Sparky: Okeechobee, FL

Comments: Broke one in four places on a tournament winning fish. Exchanged for a new one a broke it swining in a 2#er. I think I am done!

From: David: Kissimmee, FL

Comments: Just got the 7'11" extra heavy rod. It's very light for a flipping stick and I know that the pros did help in designing these rods. They are very sensative and strong. Ived caught a few fish up in the weeds with my rod so far and it did its job flawlessly!

From: Kelly: Port Charlottle, FL

Comments: Own the 7'11" extra heavy and love it.  Great rod for the money, really like the handle for positive grip when hauling bass out of heavy cover.  No complaints.  I have been in the boat with other anglers and witnessed them breaking their heavy and extra heavy 7'11" Halo rods while setting up on fish...so breakage may be an issue.  However, both rods where replaced under warranty.

From: Chris: FL

Comments: got a 7'11 heavy and it was light works well. so i ordered 7'11 extra heavy first time using it setting the hook on a big bedded bass the rod broke off in 3 different sections!! warning quality control issues with this rod. im going back to shimanos

From: VU: AZ

Comments: i got the 7-6 med hvy with a lews reel, and its a awesome setup so far. want some more of these rods but I'm waiting for there reels to come out

From: Josh: Keithville, LA

Comments: got the 7'11 heavy. i like the action and length of handle. flipped a few toads already. i used this rod about 4 days only and then noticed the rod tip guide is cracked and fraying my line. just send halo an email. lets see how they will respond.

From: Ryan: Arizona

Comments: I just got a 70 mh it is a great rod for I used a spinnerbait on it , rod is real light and casts very far, not tip  heavy at all. I love it and highly recomend it.  

From: Harry: NY

Comments: As was stated already, randall tharp was not fishing this rod much, if at all when he won the okeechobee tournament. All the videos and pictures show him fishing a rod with cork, maybe a loomis or other high end rod. Pro's will lie about stuff like that to support their sponsors, and you have to pay attention to notice stuff like that. Not saying its a bad rod, because I don't know, but don't buy one just because you think randall won with one.

Comments: I got my 7'6 XH and I would say this is definitely the best action XH in the market. It has the real Extra Heavy action and is still light weight.  I would doubt those people say it feels heavy. Just consider the action you got. I cant find another in the market which has this action, in the mean time, in this weight range.

From: Louis: Miami

Comments: These are the BEST rods I have ever used I have a few now and recommend them highly.

Comments: Best rod I've ever had. Lightweight and strong.

From: Jacon: West Palm Beach

Comments: I was really excited to get this rod- I ordered the 7'6 Flippin' Stick. After receiving I was not so impressed though. Rod is VERY Tip Heavy and not nearly as light as I expected. Trying to set up a refund or exchange.

From: John: Nebraska

Comments: Seriously......stealing the logo and names from both an video game and a movie = incredibly LAME.  Who would want to fish with a rod that is named after one of the worst movie series of ALL TIME. C'mon man!  Be a little more original. 

From: Dougie: North America

Comments: Watch the video of Tharp fishing on the final day of the FLW tour and notice the rod he uses all day. Doesn't look anything like a halo rod. If he "helped design this rod" wouldn't you think he would have used it in the most important day of his career. Not a big fan, doesn't seem to be nothing like the hype.

Comments: Don't buy have had two both broke in several pieces, like a carrot stick can't handle the heat for flipping.

Comments: Disappointed. I ordered the flipping stick after seeing Randall Tharp win with it on Lake Okeechobee. I thought if he approves of it, it must be awesome. Well unfortunately this rod is bad news because it's EXTREMELY tip heavy (meaning when you hold the rod in your hand with or without a reel, all the weight is at the tip and it is uncomfortable to hold as it sort of keels over). Because of this, the rod feels much heavier than it really is.

From: Chris: Tuscaloosa, TN

Comments: Love the rods.  I have two of the flipping sticks, and they are by far the lightest and strongest rods that I have ever fished with.

From: Okeechobee, FL

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