Developed by professional bass anglers, including FLW Tour standout, Randall Tharp, the Halo Fishing Twilite Red Series Casting Rods deliver same extreme level of sensitivity and unparalleled strength as the Twilite Black Rod Series - now with red highlights. Incredibly lightweight as well, thanks in part to advanced micro guide technology, the super strong, braid-resistant stainless steel micro guides greatly reduce weight, while increasing casting distance and accuracy. Precisely engineered actions also offer all the attributes you need for a multitude of bass fishing applications. Available in a range of lengths and tapers, the Halo Fishing Twilite Red Series Casting Rods deliver tournament caliber performance at a reasonable price. Go on, set the hook!

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FLW Tour pro, Randall Tharp, used the Halo Fishing Twighlite Series Casting Rods en route to his 2012 Walmart FLW Tour victory at Lake Okeechobee.

Please Note: Halo Fishing does not provide Taper, Line, or Lure Ratings.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Halo makes great rods and has excellent customer service. I have a few of them including both the twilight casting and cranking rods. Not quite as light or sensitive as Duckett Micro Magics, but they are more durable, better grips, and I prefer the parabolic bend. From my experience, the bend increases my hook-up ratio.

From: Dan: AL 6/21/15

Comments: Great rod and great customer service from Halo. I had an incident where I broke my rod fishing to no fault of the quality of the rod. The folks at Halo were great to deal with and had me send them my broken rod and worked out a deal with me for a new one. I went from a $150 loss, to a new rod for very little. This is the first review I have done, but I thought it was important to let everyone know how Halo treats their customers...needless to say, I have purchased additional Halo rods since!

From: Johnny: South Charleston, OH 5/10/15

Comments: I wish I could post pictures on here of my halo and all the big fish it's caught at least 20+ over 5 pounds and 3 being 10 pounders and it seems like hundred of juveniles I've had st. Croix carrot Stix and falcons I love my halo more than any of them

From: Carson: Cordele, GA 2/11/15

Comments: I have two of these. 7' Heavy and 7'6" Medium. They look amazing and I can cast even light weigh lures a mile with either rod. I love the parabolic bend with these rods. Perfect amount of guides and well spaced. This rod is also extremely sensitive. I use the 7' Heavy for jigs and punching grass. I really can feel everything. However, I don't think it's as light weight as other rods in the similar price range. I have a 7'2" Powell Endurance and 7' 13 Fishing Omen that both balance better than the Halo. The Halo definitely feels more tip heavy. I would buy more of these as I like the overall bend profile better than any other rod. I haven't had any issues with the 2 I own.

From: K.G.: USA 10/1/14

Comments: Got my 7'11 xtra heavy when i took the rod out of the package everything looked good the next day my reel arrived and i spooled it with 80lb power pro after casting in my pond a few times i noticed something felt really rough when i reeled i took it in checked the yes and found the last eye on the rod had a bur in it which i was able to pull on the line and break 80lb braid hope this is not a common problem as the rod seems very nice

From: Caleb: Bradenton, FL 7/18/14

Comments: I love these rods I have 2 of them with no problems to report.  I have caught numerous 5+ pounders including one over 6lbs that I had to winch out from under a dock. No problem excellent rod would highly recommend very sensitive. Hope to buy more in the future, worth every penny.

From: Joey: Sutherlin, VA 4/19/14

Comments: Just got my new 7' 11" heavy halo twilite there isn't abetter rod on the market more sensitive and lighter than 300-400 dollar rods no doubt halos are the best out there!!!!

From: Austin: parrish FL

Comments: good rod. light and sensitive but durable as well. i would recommend

From: K: ARK

Comments: I have never submitted a reveiw on anything before. Have been seriously fishing for over 40 years. And just have to comment on this Halo Twilite Rod. It is the lighest weight- most sensitive-best balanced- best casting rod that I have ever owned. Plan to own more in the future.Try one. Thanks ED     

From: Ed: Six Mile S.C USA

Comments: Just got my 7'6 heavy in from tackle warehouse. For starters, when I pulled the rod out of the shipping tube, it was almost like I didn't even have it in my hand! Man this thing is light! The blank is straight as a arrow, the guides look strong and straight. Feels like it has good backbone to get fish out of heavy cover. The overall finish is excellent. I will be purchasing more halo rods!

From: Brad: Lakeland, Fl

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