The Halo Fishing Xtra Deep Crankin Rod is built to handle the biggest, deepest diving crankbaits imaginable, including the king-size Strike King 10XD. Featuring an incredibly lightweight composite blank, the Halo Fishing Xtra Deep Crankin Rod has the ideal action and taper to take you deeper with minimal fatigue, as well as, the power to yank the big ones off the bottom. Super strong, braid-resistant stainless steel micro guides also help reduce weight, while increasing casting distance and accuracy. Next time you need to dredge up that kicker fish, make sure you have the right rod for the job - the Halo Fishing Xtra Deep Cranking Rod.

-Backed by a 1-year "no-questions asked" warranty from date of purchase. After 1 year, there is an unconditional $30 replacement period for 15 years.

Please Note: Halo Fishing does not provide Taper, Line, or Lure Ratings.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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  • Featuring some key improvements and the proven performance of the originals, the all-new Halo Fishing Cranking II Series Rods deliver pro-designed and approved actions and tapers.

Customer Reviews

Comments: I use this bad boy for 10XD, LC SKT Magnums, 6th Sense and DUO Deep Diver Cranks. This rod launches lures and is perfect for big DD cranks. It loads up perfectly and keeps bass pinned! I can count on one hand how many fish I've lost and have caught close to 100 fish on this rod, all the way up to 8lbs. I normally only fish Phenix Rods but their cranking rods handles aren't long enough for my taste, The longer handle really helps with relieving fatigue. I have it paired with a Revo Winch 5.5 spooled with 20lb Sunline Sniper because of the Quagga mussels in SoCal. I highly highly recommend this rod! You will not be disappointed

From: Barkley: San Diego, CA 9/1/15

Comments: First time I used this rod was recently on pickwick lake. I has a really nice finish, I like the color of it. It is a little on the heavy side weight wise and its a little stiff but not broom handle stiff. I have this paired with an orra winch and was throwing the 10xd. Once I set the brakes on the rod I was really suprised by how well it casts a bait that heavy. Bomb casts are an understatement. My partner was making 2 casts to my 1. Upon reeling in the 10xd I could feel it working but not as much as I thought I would feel it. With that being said it was about 45 mins before I realize how long I had been throwing it without having the arm fatigue. I decided to try a 6xd to see how well it would do and again was suprised. It felt almost like there wasnt a lure on the line until you hit the bottom or structure. When I got hit the rod loads up really nice, again I thought it would be stiff but it has a really nice bend to it and it kept the fished pinned especially when I got hit on the end of the football field casts lol. So in the end I will say I really like this rod.

From: Raheen: Manchester, TN 10/13/14

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