The premium, hand-crafted Hildebrandt HeadBanger Buzzbait is designed for slow retrieves and maximum noise levels, which is often what it takes to trigger strikes from today's heavily pressured bass. Its unique Tin head, combined with your choice of a premium Nickel or 24-karat Gold-plated, high-lift buzz-blade, creates a distinctive clacking sound that drives fish crazy. It's also easy to modify the noise levels of the Headbanger by simply adjusting the blade arm down - to increase the contact of the buzz blade against the tin head, or up - to decrease contact. More contact requires a faster retrieve speed that produces more noise, and less contact allows the lure to be retrieved slower and results in less noise. Also equipped with an XtraSharp hook and available in a variety of colors, the Hildebrandt Headbanger delivers maximum performance on every cast.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: great buzzbait and great loud sound buzz but out the box it wasnt running straight..it kept running left so had to do some tweaking..

From: Godzilla: CA Delta

Comments: Good lure, but if you like these, check out Crock-o-Gator bait companies version. Quite a bit louder and $3 dollars cheaper!

Comments: Great buzzbait at night, good noise and breaks good to right or left.

From: Jotham: Miami, FL

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