Hook-It Adjustable Hook Organizers 4pk

Price: $4.99
In Stock: 4

The Hook-It Adjustable Hook Organizer are designed to organize and neatly store straight shank and offset hooks of any size. Hooks can be added or removed one at a time. Two Hook-It Organizers can be snapped together and fit perfectly in most plastic storage boxes.

4 per pack

DimensionsL 2.5" x 1" 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought some of these a few years ago. love 'em! They keep your hooks organized, I they come with labels, so finding the right hook fast is no problem!

From: Jeff: OR 7/6/16

Comments: I bought a few of these & they fit great in 3700 size tackle boxes but they do take up space. An excellent product just takes up to much space & way to expensive for me or anyone that has hundreds of hooks. I found the best solution is to get a sharpie and 2" x 3" plastic baggies. Fill those with your hooks.  It'll keep them from moving around and becoming dull. You can label the outside with the sharpie and you can fit many more in a 3700 than you can with this device.

From: Zeth: Oakland, CA 3/9/15

Comments: I purchased a couple sets of these about a year or so ago! They work great keeping hooks in place...The best thing about them is they keep hooks from stabbing you in the fingers! They are durable, long lasting and easy to use! You can use them on all sized hooks...Including: Trokar 6/0 flipping hooks! So if you're looking to keep things organized and neat, these hook organizers will do the job right

From: Shark: Area 51

Comments: this is a great concept but not very practical, no good way to store/organize them.

From: Andy: IN

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