The Huddleston Deluxe 6" Weedless Trout has all the action of the original, just in a smaller, weedless package. Designed by one of the premier lure designers on the West Coast, Ken Huddleston, the Huddleston Deluxe Trout 6" is an extremely versatile bait combining uncanny realism and a subtle swimming action with the correct movement and wobble, the Huddleston Deluxe will entice strikes from even the wariest of bass hiding in the thickest structure.

The soft, hollow head that compresses upon the strike to expose a large, heavy-duty jig hook just in front of the bait's dorsal fin. While fishing, the hook sits in a small recess atop the bait. No detail has been overlooked on this bait. Even the line tie on the lure is recessed in the plastic on the nose of the bait to ensure weedlessness.

The Huddleston Deluxe 6" comes in two different rates of fall, 5 and 12. These numbers represent the approximate depth (in feet) the bait will run on a slow, steady retrieve.

Weight Model
1.0oz. ROF 5
1.75oz. ROF 12

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Customer Reviews

Comments: complete waste of money. everyone of these ive bought runs sideways. ive never had problems with the openhook huds but the weedless ones suck, sure its weedless and wont get hung up but a sideways swimbait wont catch crap so who cares

Comments: Not Happy. Swims sideways. Tried several times to "tune" it. Shouldn't have to "tune" a $17 lure.

From: SB in SoCal

Comments: this bait is killer caught one two pounder and had 4 hook ups and alot of hits no running sideways a little hard to set the hook the way the hook is placed on the bait but its a great bait

From: el califas

Comments: This is an awsome swimbait.  I don't know what all you you guys are talking about the bait running sideways. Mine swims perfectly straight.  The trout color is really good and swims super realistic on a slowroll.  The 6 inch is a big step from the 4 inch weedless shad.  Its not that much bigger in lenght, but the girth and height is a lot bigger.  Overall this is a great buy. I recommend them. forget the castaic and all the other brands. This is the way to go!!!!!!!Hudds all day baby!!

From: Jason: USA

Comments: I look at this bait like a refined Mission Fish. Its great at getting into tough places and generating strikes from fish that don't get hit as hard by the usual swimbaits. But you hookup ratio will be about 50/50, because the hook isn't exposed. The best thing you can do is up your gear to a broomstick. The 6" Hudd throws great on a rod like the Dobyns 795, but for this bait you need something stout like an OKuma 711 H or XH. Use braid with a leader or straight flouro, rub some scent on to make'em hold on a bit long, and don't hesitate. Hit back hard and fast when they eat it, or they'll get the best of you.

Comments: Threw this bait today. Got tons of hits from big bass. but i only hooked 1 of 8 ); lol. Can someone help me. Do you wait a couple seconds to set it or do you set it immediately?

Comments: I had one swim sideways to. Try tuning it it helped me. i didnt know you could until tackle warehouse customer service told me

Comments: I have had a few run sideways too, didn't matter how slow or fast I realed them and the fins where straight.  I tried sticking nail weights in the belly, sometimes helped, sometimes not.  They tear rather easy too after a few fish and some hot days, better buy a ton of mendit or hudd bond.


From: Cameron: CO

Comments: Super weedless, sits upright on th bottom, ROF 12 doesn't dig nose first into the bottom (a good thing for muck, algea) gets tons of hits, gets larger bass, and I have about a 70% hook up ratio here in the midwest.  Have had a few that don't swim upright though...

From: Robert: Davenport

Comments:  some of the best baits there are and they look perfect

From: Sam: Mass

Comments: i own many huddleston swimbaits and have been throwing them with great sucess this swimbait is awesome just make sure you use a stout rod as its hard to set the hook with a normal swimbait rod. for most swimbits i use an okuma big bait rod 711H but for this i like to use my flipping stick.

From: Ryan: Maryland, USA

Comments:This swimbait in the (baby bass color) looks great also totally weedless, that is great for the south because we have a lot of structure in our lakes, can't wait to try it out! TW is my go to place for all the new tackle. Thanks guys

From:Tim: Grayson, GA

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