Huddleston Hand Painted Unrigged Huddle Bug 3pk - $3.49

One of the most anatomically accurate crawfish baits around just got more detailed and realistic, the Huddleston Hand Painted Unrigged Huddle Bug now features new life-like, hand-painted, two-toned colors for even more life-like presentations.   A versatile little bait, it is a great choice with the Huddlebug Jig Head. The Huddleston Hand Painted Unrigged Huddle Bug offers a super soft, lifelike presentation unlike any other.

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2-3/4" 3
HP Black Blue
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Huddleston Hand Painted Unrigged Huddle Bug 3pk

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  • HP Black Blue
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  • HP Brown Purple
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  • HP Green Orange
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  • HP Green Purple
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  • HP Mudbug
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  • HP Red
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  • HP Smoke On The Water
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  • HP Watermelon Craw
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  • HP White
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Comments: amazing bait for sight fishing, extremely realistic action, very durable, caught 10 fish before one of the claws came off.  killed it on the water when rigged on a 1/4oz jig head.

From: Max: TX 3/30/14

Comments: I got a pack of these in watermelon craw and they are the best smallmouth and big trout lures I have ever used. They are the perfect size to mimic an eating size craw to bass and trout ( How many times do trout and bass eat 6inch long crayfish?), and are very realistic. These baits are perfect for sight fishing in clear water on a small football jig head for Big and Small Smallmouth Bass, great on a skirted jig for post spawn largemouth, and best soft bait ever for Gigantic Brown and Rainbow Trout. This bait is even so realistic that the craws in the rivers and ponds fight and grab it!

From: Dominic: Washington State

Comments: This bait is deadly sight fishing, rigged on a football jighead or mushroom jighead. Caught fish when nothing else would work

From: Trevor: NY

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