The Huddleston Huddle-bug Pre-Rigged features the "Huddleston external weight system". Hooks are not included! The weight system in the Huddlebug ensures that no matter how the bait hits the water, it will fall and land on the bottom upright. Try rigging it with a drop shot-style hook through the nose, weedless with a weighted or unweighted extra wide gap hook. Additionally, you can remove the weight system, and fish it on a football or a shakey head, on a drop shot rig or as a jig trailer.

*The Huddle-bug is rigged with two 1/16 oz weights

Length Quantity
2-3/4" 5

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are the best Craw baits ever made!! i caught a 12 Bowfin on one of these things!! Green and orange is probably the best color but when it gets into the spawning season all i use is the red one, its every cent worth the money i bought like 4 bags of these things they work great!!

From: Tyler: Michigan, USA

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