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Repair cuts, tears and punctures to your soft plastic baits with Huddleston HuddleBond.  This high quality PVC glue is specially formulated to repair Huddleston Deluxe products, and it also works great for repairing your other soft plastic baits.  Huddleston HuddleBond Soft Bait Repair Glue dries soft to make a seamless bond, and its metal tube packaging allows for a shelf life of 2-4 years.  1/4-oz. Quantity.

Directions for use:

1. Make sure inside of cut or torn area is dry.
2. Squeeze a light bead of HuddleBond into cut or tear.
3. Hold seam together for 30-60 seconds, and allow several minutes to dry. (Dry time may vary depending on weather.)
4. Check for any unglued pinholes or openings and re-apply if needed.

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