Huddleston Unrigged Huddle Bug 3pk - $2.89

One of the most detailed and realistic crawfish baits around, the Huddleston Unrigged Huddle Bug is a versatile little bait. Perfect for use with the Huddlebug Jig Head, it can actually be rigged a variety of different ways. Available in several proven colors, the Huddleston Unrigged Huddle Bug offers a super soft, lifelike presentation unlike any other.

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2-3/4" 3
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Huddleston Unrigged Huddle Bug 3pk

7 Available Colors Sign up for Huddleston Soft Baits news and updates.

  • Black and Blue
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  • Balck Red Flake
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  • Brown and Purple
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  • Cola
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  • Green Pumpkin
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  • Junebug
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  • Watermelon Red
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Comments: What Travis said was right. They destroy this bait and it held up with all the fish that were caught on it. It just had a few bite. Similar to what a huddleston looks like after you've had a few bites on it.

From: Nick: Hillsboro, OR

Comments: If Nick Rubeo likes them, then these things are awesome. He caught ten fish within an hour and it still held up. Paired with the Huddleston jighead, and you have a dynamite setup.

From: Travis

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