Humminbird Precision GPS Antenna with Heading Sensor

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The Humminbird Precision GPS Antenna with Heading Sensor is a precision GPS/WAAS receiver that provides fast position fixes accurate within 2.5 meters. It includes a 20-ft cable and has 1-in 14-thread count stem mountable with an optional antenna stem (antenna stem not included). Backed by a 1-year warranty, the Humminbird Precision GPS Antenna with Heading Sensor delivers more accurate position fixes than the industry standard GPS.

-Advanced compass heading sensor reads true direction while sitting still or moving
-Allows waypoints to be created with accurate direction right on the screen while using 360 Imaging
-Access advance GPS capabilities with your Humminbird Fishing System
-Superior precision GPS Receiver with WAAS/EGNOS capability
-View your Track & Speed, mark Way Points, navigate and more
-Mount on any Flat Surface or 1" x 14 thread
-Plug and Play installation

Product#: 408400-1

Dimensions: 3.25" diameter, 1.5" high

Compatible with:

AS 360 Imaging

700 Series: 798ci HD, 788ci DI HD, 788cxi HD XD Combo, 788ci HD, 778cx HD XD, 778c HD

800 Series: 858c, 858c HD, 858c DI, 858c HD DI, 858c HD XD, 859ci HD XD, 859ci HD, 859ci HD DI, 898c SI, 898c HDSI, 899ci HD SI

900 Series: 958c, 958c DI, 958c HD DI, 958c HD, 959ci HD XC, 959ci HD DI, 998c SI, 998c HD SI, 999ci HD SI

1100 Series: 1158c, 1158c DI, 1159ci HD XD, 1159ci HD, 1159ci HD DI, 1198c, 1199ci HD SI

Onix* Series: All models

*Requires use of the AS GPS NMEA

Please Note: This model is not available for order outside of the United States.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Works well for me and easy to install gps is very accurate, great for fishing and marking spots. 

From: Louis: Green Bay

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