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The Humminbird Trolling Motor Filter (Choke) connects to your trolling motor power and reduces electronic interference on your trolling motor-mounted Humminbird Unit. It is easy to install and features a waterproof design.

Part #: 790050-1

For Use With: 1155c, 1157c, 1158c, 1197c SI, 1198c SI, 998c SI, 997c SI, 987c SI, 981c SI, 967c 3D, 958c, 957c, 955c, 947c 3D, 937c DF, 937c, 931c DF, 931c, 917c, 798ci HD, 798ci, 798c, 797c2I SI, 797c2 SI, 788ci HD DI, 788ci HD, 788ci, 788c, 787c2I, 787c2, 785c2, 778c HD, 778c, 777c2, 768, 767, 757c, 755c, 747c, 737, 728, 727, 718, 717, 597ci HD DI, 597ci HD, 597ci, 596c HD, 596c, 595c, 587ci, 585c, 581i Combo, 580, 575, 570 DI, 570, 565, 560, 550, 535, 525, 515, 400TX, 385ci, 383c, 365i, 363, 345c, 343c, 325, 323, 300TX, 200DX, 161, 141c, LEGEND 1000, LEGEND 1000D, LEGEND 2000, LEGEND 2000D, LEGEND 3000, LEGEND 3000D, LEGEND ID40, LPG 2000, MATRIX 10, MATRIX 12, MATRIX 15, MATRIX 17, MATRIX 20, MATRIX 25, MATRIX 27, MATRIX 35, MATRIX 37, MATRIX 45, MATRIX 47 3D, MATRIX 55, MATRIX 65, MATRIX 67, MATRIX 77C, MATRIX 87C, MATRIX 97, WIDE 2000, WIDE 3D PARAMOUNT, WIDE 3D VIEW, WIDE 3D VISION, WIDE VISTA, WIDE EYE, WIDE ONE, WIDE OPTIC, WIDE PANORAMA, WIDE PARAMOUNT, WIDE PORTRAIT, WIDE VIEW, WIDE VISION, WIDE W, XP 2000, XP 4000, XTREME 160, XTREME 160T, Z160.

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