Whether its your next big bass, your last hunt, a downhill ski run or your kid’s ball game, now you have a hands-free way to record what you see and play it back for future enjoyment.

The Hunter’s Specialties i-KAM Xtreme Video Eyewear features a digital camera incorporated into the frame with 4GB of built-in memory - for up to 2.5-3 hours of recording capacity. The glasses also accept a Micro SD card for an additional 8GB of memory, and an integral microphone captures all the sounds to go along with the video.

The i-Kam Xtreme Video Glasses can be hooked directly to a PC with the supplied USB cable to view your video, and each pair of glasses also comes complete with two interchangeable lenses in smoke and clear to accommodate a variety of lighting conditions.


-Battery Charger
-Power Adapter
-USB Cord
-Hard-Bodied Case
-Cleaning Cloth
-Instruction Manual


-Reset Button
-Audio Microphone
-Digital Video Camera
-2 Sets of Quality Interchangeable Lenses
-Easy PC / Mac USB Connection (no driver needed)
-Easy 2-Button Operation Supports Micro SD Cards (up to 8GB)
-4GB Built in Memory (Approx. 2 hours of video)
-736 x 480 PlayBack Resolution
-Patent Pending

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Were really fun and easy to use for fishing. However, cant get them wet, frame broke and cracked when switching lenses, seemed to take a long time to start filming. Also, you have to look below whatever you want to film. Used these one entire summer and at the end the polarized part peeled off and they no longer recorded video just audio.  Not really comfortable either. Really wanted to like these glasses and may even get a second pair if I find them on sale. Wouldn't pay full price, but fun well they worked.

From: Andrew: Stevens Point, WI

Comments: Overall I would give this Item grade of a B. 

Objective Part:  Recordings/sound has the quality of a video camera circa 1999-2002, it will definately appear dated to you, but its not terrible in any way.  It just is what it is.  Dont expect HD quality.

Good:  Its simple to work, and it does the job as advertised.  Customer service was excellent in replacing my broken pair

The Bad:  It is a small fit for some guys.  If you wear a hat size bigger than like 7-3/8 or 7-1/2 this will be tight to wear, too much bigger and they would be unwearable

The Ugly:  They are fragile, treat them like a camera, and not sunglasses.  I dropped mine once and got a huge crack in the frame.

From: Matt: Indiana

Comments: They are convenient and take decent video, but they break and fall a part easy

Comments: Wow.......for as small a camera this is, the picture and sound come out amazing. The only thing is you might need to either look directly at what u want to record or angle the glasses a bit to get the best angle shot.

From: Dan: Ontario, Canada

Comments: best recording glasses ever must get

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