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Used by 4-time Bassmaster Classic Champion, Kevin VanDam, and top professional bass angler, Jeff Kriet in the 2011 Bassmaster Classic on the Louisiana Delta, as well as for the entire 2011 BASS Elite Series Tour. VanDam and Kriet are actually partners in HydroWave and were involved in its testing and design.

The easy-to-install and user-friendly HydroWave is an Electronic Feeding Stimulator based on the reactive senses of bass and other predatory fish. Delivering the latest in patented, sound-emitting technology, it effectively imitates the audible underwater sounds of baitfish and fish-feeding activities. Research has proven these sounds stimulate feeding impulses in game fish.

The Tactile Sound Transmissions emitted by HydroWave's finely-tuned amplifiers are different from ordinary sounds because they are the sounds and vibrations that you can actually feel. Tactile sounds are what fish respond to. The unit emits sound waves that predatory fish feel, hear and sense as natural baitfish activities - to "ignite a feeding frenzy."

Biologists have long known fish hear and sense prey through a complex system that includes sound, vibration and pressure waves. The presence of bait along with other feeding fish is what elicits a response, and that is not triggered by sound alone. You must have all the ingredients – pressure, vibration and sound – combined in the right frequency to stimulate a feeding response.

The concept of using sound to excite fish is nothing new. Reports of tribesmen slapping the water, striper fishermen revving their outboards and others using various electronic contraptions as ways to attract and activate fish have been talked about in fishing circles for years upon years. The HydroWave takes this concept to a whole new level.

All of the sounds and sound loops come programmed into the unit's software. There is no loading of programs and/or sounds required. Operation is truly a pick and play procedure.

The actual HydroWave unit features a durable injection-molded housing that is 100-percent waterproof. Extensive testing was conducted to ensure the housing and electrical components would withstand the constant pounding of rough boating conditions. It also mounts easily on the boat’s bow area with a bracket or Velcro, which are both included. (Optional transom-mount available through HydroWave)

The Hydrowave speaker mounts on the underside of the trolling motor’s lower unit, fitting all models of trolling motors (clamp included). The speaker is multi-directional so it doesn’t matter which way the trolling motor is pointed, and it snugs up smoothly against the unit for a perfect, hydrodynamic fit. Operates on a 12-volt power supply.

To check out Tackle Warehouse pro, Jared Lintner, going over some of the features and benefits of the HydroWave Electronic Feeding Stimulator - Click Here.

And don't forget to click on the video icons below the main product image to check out some additional ICAST 2011 Video with Kevin Van Dam and Jeff Kreit going over the Hydrowave.

"I've always paid attention as to how fish seem to feed and respond to each other while in competition for food. Like most bass fishermen who spend a lot of time on the water, I've witnessed situations where a school could be fired up by getting just one fish to bite. Igniting those kinds of flurries during a tournament day can be a huge advantage. HydroWave is about providing that stimulus for that first response to get things going." - Kevin VanDam, 4-time Bassmaster Classic Champion.

Dimensions: 4" x 4.5" x 1.5"

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I like the unit but the power cord keeps failing.I am on my third cord. To get a replacement its $14 for the cord plus $15 to ship the cord. So be careful or you will have to buy the magical $30 power cord.

From: Mike: USA 10/13/14

Comments: I've had my Hydrowave unit for a year and have seen the fish react to it everywhere that I've fished. The day after installing the unit, my team partner and I won a regional event in the Bay Area and beat 2nd Place by 5 pounds. We caught all our fish on the River2Sea rover after turning on the Hydrowave and seeing shad come alive to the surface. We have seen so much more activity after using the Hydrowave that I don't ever want to fish out of a boat without it.

From: Zak: San Jose, CA 6/24/14

Comments: Ive been fishing competitively for 6years an this year I finally picked up a Hydrowave.From this year on I will never have a boat that doesn't have a Hydrowave installed on it. This unit flat out performs out here in California on our deeper clear water lakes where the fish are finiky an skidish.It will make you a believer when theres 3 boats on your bank an you hit it right after them doing the same technique (burnin rattle traps)an you win the event off the same bank they just hit.

From: Travis: Modesto, CA 6/24/14

Comments: used it mostly in michigan at lake st. Clair. And had a few muskie swim up to the speaker. But never really showed a big increase in catching more bass. I cut the wire while on the trolling motor by accident. Then contact customer service and they told me sense I cut the wire and it was all my fault, I would have to buy a new speaker wire.

From: Bruce: Detroit michigan

Comments: One of my fishing buddies got a Hydrowave on his bass boat. He fished without the Hydrowave for the first 4 hours for only four Australian Bass caught. He turned the Hydrowave on for the next 4 hours and he landed 27 Australian Bass. I know I'll be getting one of the Hydrowave units very soon.

From: Steve: Brisbane Queensland, Australia

Comments:  How do i hook this up to a 12 volt system? Can replace the ends with 2 clamps,stright to the battery

Comments: This is an amazing little tool for your fishing boat. I also would like to point out that hydrowave has customer service that is second to none. I sent a unit in and they replaced it free of charge. I also had cut the speaker cord due to fishing some heavy cover. I saw the hydrowave guys at the bassmaster event in Bull Shoals, AR and they gave me a new one no questions. AWESOME COMPANY, AWESOME PRODUCT. If your not fishing hydrowave, I would just like to say thanks for the boat payment.

From: Clint: Pleasant Plains, AR

Comments:  I was about to install mine when I noticed right out of the box that the main face of the unit looked to have been stepped on and then packed up before shipping. It was a christmas present and I was pretty excited about getting it, but now I am going to have to wait because of what seems to be awful quality control.

From: Jason: Memphis, TN

Comments: Used the Hydowave for the first time on a compotition day armed with only what I had read and been told about. Ended up 2nd out of 76boats with a 10.4kg bag. I recommend this unit to everyone, Thanks Hydowave.

From: Danny: Johannesburg, South Africa

Comments: This is a must have if you love to bass fish. I have seen some remarkable things happen with it running. Get one, read the book, and don't be afraid to be subtle. It is the real deal and I won't have another boat without it.

From: Terry: Normal, IL

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