The Rock N Vibe from Ima Japan creates an uproar of commotion as it swims through the water column. The 2.5-inch Rock N' Vibe is compact in size but creates a huge sound profile. The Rock N' Vibe combines a potent vibrating frequency with a tight running action and loud rattle chambers. The Rock N' Vibe perfectly mimics fleeing baitfish in both action and sound and will stimulate even inactive fish to strike. The Rock N' Vibe is ideal for locating fish fast and patterning what type of structure or cover they're using.

Click here for some video on IMA baits with Fred Roumbanis at ICAST '08.

Ima Length Weight Class Hooks Line Recom.
Rock N' Vibe 2.5" 1/2oz Sinking #6 Owner ST-36 14-20lb

Treble Hooks

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Customer Reviews

Comments: When I'm out on the lake & haven't got a tick this is my secreat weapon, I dont know what it is about this lure but they hit it hard, I'm not a big fan of ima, but this bait is worth fifteen bucks, try one u won't be disappointed..

From: Pepe: Houston,tx

Comments: This lipless is a solid, low profile bait. For it's size it definitely brings in the numbers and also the bigguns. The one big thing that gets me on these is that they come with owners as the stock hooks which saves time and money. Lastly they are fantastic at yo yoing and don't roll over on you while retrieving the bait. There are plenty of equally good performing baits out there but these come with good hooks so they are on the top of my list.

From: Christian: Sebastopol, CA

Comments: These are great rattle-baits. I dont know if they are worth 16 dollars, but thats why you buy them when there on sale. Caught my first bass of 2011 on the hot craw pattern

From: Ethan: USA

Comments:Fred Roumbanis gave me 3 of these and they are by far the best lipless carnksbaits made. The bait is well worth the price.

From:Jacob: Muldrow, OK

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