Ima Beast Hunter Crankbait - $9.99 to $15.99

Designed specifically to come through grass without hanging up or losing effectiveness, every part of the Ima Beast Hunter - from the size and shape of it's body, to the thickness of its walls, even the length and width of the lip - is precisely engineered to maximize performance. As it moves through vegetation, the hooks are shielded by the body and lip to keep it weedless without hampering hooking ability. It also features the perfect combination of buoyancy and dive angle, so that when you come into contact with weeds, all you have to do is softly lift up on the rod, and the Beast Hunter will back slide and glide right over the vegetation.

At 2.0mm thick, the sidewalls are also much thicker than other baits. This distributes the overall weight proportionately throughout the body, enabling it to stop quicker, so it doesn't glide forward when you pause it. A small, internal fixed weight also maximizes dive depth, while preventing the lure from tumbling and getting fouled during casting. On 14-pound fluorocarbon the Ima Beast Hunter dominates the 10 to 13 foot range. With its very natural wobble that's not too wide and not too tight, a subdued knocking sound that won’t turn off spooky bass, and its extra long casting ability, the Beast Hunter is a power bait that doesn't overpower the situation.

Ima Length Weight Depth Class
Beast Hunter 2.65" 3/4oz 10-13ft Floating

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W2f Review
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Comments: I have been using this on Guntersville in the grass to bring out the bigger bites.  It works well around grass with heavy line.  Super finish and sticky hooks straight out of the box. 

From: David: Hiram, Georgia USA

Comments: Great paintjob, very durable crank, nice tight wobble, reaches to 13 feet, smallmouth and largemouth love em, definitely worth the money

From: Brent: Syracuse, NY

Comments: great 12ft. crank, tight wobble to it, smallies love it!

From: Mike: Detroit, MI

Comments: seen this crankbait in stores, its very nice design and colors are great. I love fishing because they are always coming out with more every year. Fishing is great for all people. God fishing forever! Catch all species!

From: Alex

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Chartreuse Shad
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Ima Beast Hunter Crankbait

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