Ima DaBeat Frog

Ima DaBeat Frog

Perfect for heavily pressured fish, the Ima DaBeat Frog fills a much-needed niche in the hollow-bodied frog market with its bite-sized, finesse-oriented profile. The Ima DaBeat Frog features a unique Triple-Cup design, which is comprised of three concave surfaces ­– one at the front of the frog and two more on either side of the mouth. These cupped surfaces give the Ima DaBeat Frog a strong popping sound, and also allows it to pivot in place, so it can stay in the strike zone longer. The rear-weighted design of the Ima DaBeat Frog produces long, pinpoint casts, and also gives it a natural skipping action that is perfect for fishing around docks and tree overhangs. The Ima DaBeat Frog is armed with a razor-sharp Gamakatsu wide gap double frog hook that is positioned behind the widest part of the body for increased weedlessness. To put it simply – it’s hard to beat DaBeat.

Ima Weight Length
DaBeat Frog 1/4oz 1-4/5"

8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: bought the blue and green one used the blue one the other day for about an hour had 5 hit it caught 2 missed the others due to user error they cast great walk great and have a great sound I highly recommend the ima frogs im just shocked theres no more reviews

From: Brian: NY 6/2/14

Comments: Trump card when it is not caught in the frog of normal size. Skirt cut to 2.5 inches from 2. ROD: STEEZ631MHRB LIBERATOR. REEL: STEEZ 100SHL/SV SPOOL. LINE: SUNLINE BASS SUPER PE56LB

From: Kazuo: BIWAKO, JAPAN

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