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The Ima Rattlin Roumba expands the effectiveness of the original Roumba design with the addition of an internal rattle. Perfect for fishing in stained or muddy waters, the internal rattle generates the additional noise often necessary for grabbing a bass' attention in water with low-visibility. The Rattlin Roumba is also available in brighter colors to stand out that much more in dingy water. Designed by Bassmaster Elite Angler Fred Roumbanis, the Ima Rattlin' Roumba can imitate several types of bass prey, including various baitfish, frogs and even mice. With the rod tip up, the Rattlin Roumba creates a natural wake by "wobbling" side-to-side along the water's surface and with the rod facing downward the Rattlin Roumba will dive 12-18 inches below the surface and swim with a seductive, pulsating action. One of the most versatile and effective baits year around, it works great over shallow aquatic grass and is also extremely effective around boat docks, lay-downs, and standing timber. The Ima Rattlin Roumba provides anglers with a fish-calling alternative to the deadly original.ImaLengthWeightDepthHooksLine Recom.

Ima Length Weight Hook Line Recommendation
Rattlin Roumba 3" 5/8oz #4 Owner ST-36 12-17lb

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Ima Rattlin Roumba

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  • Black Bass
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  • Blue Shad
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  • Bone
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  • Freds Perch
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  • Ghost Bluegill
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  • Ghost Minnow
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Comments: awesome bait.  i'm biased because i love fishing wakebaits, but i used this the other day in Fred's perch when bass were chasin' baitfish and they killed it.  Caught a 5lb, 3lb and a whole bunch of squirts.  I also got one of the silent roumbas, but that one has not produced as much as the rattlin' one.

Comments: Fantastic bait for Largies and Smallies

From: Dave: Brockville, Ont., Canada

Comments: i just wish they had the rattlin version in black.

From: Jim: Toledo Bend, LA

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