From end-to-end, the Imakatsu SG Bigroid 210 offers intricate detailing and a well thought out design that is built to perform fish-after-fish. Sculpted with a precise scaling pattern, 3D eyes, and a durable jointing, the Imakatsu SG Bigroid 210 tempts bass into biting with a seductive and lifelike gliding action.

To ensure consistent and smooth movement, the Imakatsu SG Bigroid 210 incorporates a small cylindrical dampener into the bottom of the jointing. Offering just the right amount of resistance, the dampener provides anglers with two different actions – a narrower action with the dampener in place and a wider action with the dampener removed.

Loaded with innovative design features, the Imakatsu SG Bigroid 210 is built with hook hangers and molded hook slots along the back, which allow a stinger hook to be added quickly and easily. At the rear, a replaceable rubber tail gives the bait added temptation and resiliency. Available in an array of detailed finishes, the Imakatsu SG Bigroid 210 offers a premium construction and tempting glide action that make it a valuable addition to any trophy-hunting arsenal.

Package Includes:

-Imakatsu SG Bigroid 210
-2 Replacement dampeners
-2 Rubber tails 

Imakatsu Length Weight Class
SG Bigroid 210  8-1/4" 3.5oz Slow-sinking

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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