Extremely fun to fish, the JSJ Dirty Bird is a unique single-jointed topwater bait with a four-bladed buzz prop for a tail. Featuring a highly-detailed bird head and realistic body design, the Dirty Bird is also well constructed with quality components. Hard to fit in single category, the bait can be fished in a few different ways. The Dirty Bird is easy to walk with a really tight action by slapping your rod to one side on the retrieve, and it is also effective when popped along the water’s surface like a popper. The noise from the joints clacking, combined with the buzz tail, is a fish-catching combo seldom seen, and the Dirty Bird can also be effectively burned or slow rolled back to the boat without the bait diving. Available in multiple colors, the Dirty Bird is an exciting new bait from JSJ Lures.

JSJ Length Weight Class
Dirty Bird 8" 3oz Topwater

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: hmmmm, no reviews on this sleeper bait....warning....only if u want big huge fish should u be thinking of buying this...I have the redhead bird, and yes its a big bait, needs a big swim rod and a nice round reel (abu c4) and I only throw it at night and weee early, but when it gets hit be prepared for a fight, ur rod bent like a noodle and ur arms pumping.I have caught a 38lb muskie on this and the next morning a 12lb canada largemouth.its a fun lure to fish.

From: Steveo

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