The JSJ Snack Size Blugill is a 3-piece bait available as a floater or a slow sinker. The bluegill color features a hand-painted purple-green color shift paint and lifelike scale patterns unlike any other on the market. Designed as a straight retrieve bait, this little guy can also be twitched and will also perform a 180 degree turn on a quick flick. It performs extremely well at super slow speeds with a lifelike swimming action.

This bait is ready to fish out of the box with large, 10mm glass eyes, stainless steel hardware, carbon fiber hinge pins, a unique hand-poured plastic tail (each bait comes with an extra tail), and owner 1/0 2x nickel hooks.

Made in the USA

JSJ Length Weight Class
Snack Size Bluegill 6.5" 2.5-oz Floating
Snack Size Bluegill 6.5" 2.5-oz Moderate Sinking

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Best Gill Bait Out, The action on this bait is so good for sight fishing, you see a bass and put this thing in front of it, and twitch it really hard, and it drives the bass insane. Works on a good slow roll too, my favorite swimbait, and I have quite a few

From: Trey: Ft. Myers, FL

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