Jackall Aragon SSR Crankbait - $14.99

This 2005 Federation Championship winning lure with its unique, two piece jointed body, creates a revolutionary swimming action and sound in the water. The jointed body design produces a tight wobbling action similar to a lipless crankbait, but with a more lively action, thus creating more cracking noises that attracts more and bigger fish!!!

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Aragon (SSR) 2-1/2" 3/8oz 1ft Floating #6

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Ghost Minnow
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Jackall Aragon SSR Crankbait

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Comments: This sassy, jitterbuging crank has a unique "tick-tick" sound as it skims along the surface or just below it. It calls bass with and internal rattle and additional sound generated as its jointed sections bang together on the retrieve. The wiggle is tight, but with more sashay than a lipless crank. I have the aurora black which has a kind of shimmering, chrome-like surface. The hooks are EXTREMELY sharp and almost impale bass on their own as the fish grabs the lure and turns away with its "catch". While the extended lip still doesn't let it get much below 6" on 12 lb. line, I find the bigger lip does help create a spitting splash when the lure is twitched on the surface like a popper. Yes, it's not cheap, but anymore if you want premium hooks, a lifelike finish, and fish attracting action as standard equipment, you will be paying upwards of $10 anyway. Maybe this is not the lure to start your topwater arsenal, but if you want something unique which really helps pull them in and hold them, this is one of the better ones I have found.

From: Ed: Champaign, IL

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