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Offering the ultimate trifecta of splash, flash, and vibration, the Jackall Binksy takes topwater temptation to a whole new level. At the front, the Jackall Binksy features a shallow, cupped mouth that slaps against the surface to produce a prominent splash. Located along the belly and in-between two razor-sharp Owner trebles, the Jackall Binksy is fitted with a free-spinning blade that generates an attention-grabbing flash to further its attraction.

Whizzing and sputtering as it moves along the surface, the Jackall Binksy is equipped with a premium prop blade at the rear, which creates a strong gurgle and a complimentary spray. Complete with feathered rear hook that serves as a bite indicator, the Jackall Binksy delivers a big noise, big splash, and big fish appeal that will have your heart racing in anticipation.   

Jackall  Length Weight Class Hooks
Binksy  2-3/4" 1/2oz Topwater  ST36BC #5

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Ghost Ayu
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Jackall Binksy

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  • Ghost Oikawa
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  • HL Chart Strike Gill
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Comments: Used the Jackall Binksy 4/14/15 at a public pond at dusk. I'm a big fan of this lure upon initial use. The subtle clicking sound made from the underspin blade to the propellar in the rear is awesome. Caught 4 fish in 20 minutes at a pond at dusk using the Chartreuse Gill color just straight reeling it. I experimented with the various actions of popping, walking, and just straight reeling it. You can use all 3 actions with this bait.  Also, this thing casts a mile and it is heavy enough to use it on a baitcaster. I hit a rock with one cast and bent the prop, but I bent it back, so I'm hoping it still runs true. Love the color of the bait and the detail is awesome, Love the action and due to the multiple actions(pop/walk/straight reeling), I feel this bait is well worth the $15, plus it works.

From: Mike: Pittsburgh, PA 4/15/15

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