Jackall Bling 55 Crankbait - $15.99

The Jackall Bling 55 is a small profile, flat-sided crankbait with intense action.  It also combats a common problem with flat-sided cranks - their flat-sided design often causes them to roll in the air and limit your casting distance.  To counteract this, the Bling 55 features an innovative weight transfer system that allows a ball bearing to shift to the tail for longer more balanced casts, and then on the retrieve a magnet in the center of the bait holds the bearing in place for superior balance on the retrieve.  Its bill is also constructed from circuit board material for excellent deflections, and the Bling 55’s flat sides create an intense flashing effect.  Available in multiple color combinations, the Jackall Bling 55 was designed using the latest technology in the fishing industry to provide you with the ultimate performance.

Jackall Length Weight Class Depth
Bling 55 2.2" 3/8oz Floating 4ft

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  • Blueback Chartreuse
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  • Chartreuse Shad
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  • Chrome Shad
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  • Craw Fish
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  • Pearl Shiner
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  • SG Threadfin
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  • Tennessee Shad
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  • White Shad
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Customer Reviews Back to Top

Comments: Super awesome little crank! Great for colder water, finicky fish/ high pressure. Just another quality jackall bait

Comments: I have been throwing the SG Threadfin in baitballs near wood and grass. The bass are crushing this bait, luckily the paint stays on. Great job Jackall.

From: Greg: AL

Comments: Great bait for searching flats. Will hang in thicker cover but catches a lot of fish.  The spots kill this bait.

From: J: AL

Comments: awesome crank... got the chrome shad and sg threadfin... definately money and great at deflecting obstackles!!!

From: Fishcrazy

Comments: I like the bait..looks good,   cast nice, wish there were a few more colors...this company makes a great products ..

From: Rob: Wyandotte, MI

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