Jackall D Cherry Crankbait 48

Jackall D Cherry Crankbait 48

The Jackall D Cherry 48 crankbait feature characteristics that set it apart from others. The small profile of the Cherry 48 allows for long casts and can be extremely beneficial when faced with high fishing pressure conditions. Despite the small body the Cherry 48 has a wide wobble and a rolling action that bass can't resist. Using materials such as tungsten, steel, brass, and glass in the rattle chambers creates a unique sound that will draw fish from long distances. The Jackall D Cherry 48 dives down to six feet and comes in a variety of colors. If you love crankbait fishing the Cherry 48 is a must have when the going gets tough.

Jackal Lures Length Weight Depth Class Hook
D Cherry 48 1.9" 1/4oz 6ft Floating #8

Treble Hooks

2 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Fantastic steelhead drift plug. Loud rattles; wide wobble, works in slower current and fast, perfect size, runs perfect depth, very durable. Some more louder colors would be nice!

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