The Jackall Dagored is one of the latest top-of-the-line Japanese hard baits to reach the U.S. Jackall baits are created using the latest materials and design technology. The prototype of each of these lures is designed on a computer to generate a 3D image. The image is then cut into the actual bait in a matter of minutes. This process allows Jackall to get the lure from idea to design to creation much faster, enabling them to get the baits into the hands of their pro staff in a matter of days or hours. This gives Jackall a great advantage; they are able to tweak a lure to perfection and present it for sale much faster than their competitors. Jackall is raising bass fishing to a whole new level with this sophisticated technology and their new materials and designs.

This jointed wake bait is the perfect alternative to monster sized swimbaits or the all-too-common walking baits. The Jackall Dagored swims with a wide back and forth motion along the surface, creating a wake that will direct a bass' attention to the apex of the V. The rear prop tail adds a nice flash to incite the fish. The Jackall Dagored is a highly technical innovation.

Jackall Length Weight Class Hooks
Dagored 4.6 in. 7/8 oz Floating # 2

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Killer wakebait for sm and lm.  Reel it slowww and steady and hold on!  Get more colors ASAP TW!!

From: Duzbass: IL

Comments: Great bait but one things that sucks is that when the fish hit, the lure always come off at least the fish swallow it.this have been happening to me i loose a 6 pounder from this and many other fish.the jackall dagored is a very good lure tho

From: Cali

Comments: Good bait. I have every color TW offers .

From: John: MO

Comments: this is a great topwater bait,but i have tinkered with mine and made it better,i took off the back prop.and made myself an inline buzz spinner with some tackle wire.and where the toplittle knocker screw is i put a small colorado blade there to hit and knock against the buzz blade.now this thing is LOUD!!! and calls up the big ladies for dinner.if u like to tinker and make your own tackle try it,its def. something different and loud for topwater,killer at night.

From: Steveo: Chicago

Comments: Well I wasn't too sure about this lure at first, when I would try to burn it, it would roll on one side and not track true, but after playing around with it , I finally got it to work, you just have to reel it really slow, then on my third cast ( I went to another lake ) I nailed a 4lb largemouth!! Then,next cast nailed a 3lb largie!! Not a bad bait!

From: Mrbon007: East Lansing, MI

Comments:  I was unsure about this bait when I bought one.  But it is killer fished over submerged weed beds.  Good action at slow, medium or fast retrieves.  Decent when jerked.  Typical excellent Jackall quality.

From: Rowland: Newport News, VA

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