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Introducing the newest addition to Jackall's I-Motion series of baits, the Jackall i-Shad Tail is designed to swim like a baitfish that isn't threatened - so bass think it's easy, unsuspecting prey. Super soft yet durable, the I-Shad Tail features a smaller paddle tail that kicks subtly and seductively on the retrieve. Also impregnated with a super shrimp formula, fish bite down on the I-Shad Tail and don't want to let go. Extremely versatile, the Jackall i-Shad Tail can be Texas-rigged, threaded on a darter head jig, mimic a school with an umbrella rig, or can simply be used as a swim jig or spinnerbait trailer. Available in several proven colors, rig up a Jackall iShad Tail for a whole new presentation bass will never suspect.

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4.8" 6

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