Jackall Iobee Frog

Jackall Iobee Frog

Meticulously designed and tested to provide all the attributes serious anglers are looking for in a hollow bodied frog, the Iobee's body is actually molded around its super sharp, custom-made hook to keep it completely weedless and deliver excellent hooking capabilities. It also casts like a bullet and walks with ease thanks to its specially balanced weight system. The Iobee's unique rubber legs even offer a slightly different action than traditional silicone legs for additional fish attraction. Nothing is more exciting than having a largemouth come flying out of the water with your frog in its mouth. Try the Jackall Iobee Frog today - you won't be disappointed. Engineered to perform perfectly right out of the box, there's no tuning necessary with the Jackall Iobee Frog.

Jackall Length Weight
Iobee Frog 2-1/2" 1/2oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Pros: Very good walking the dog action, good hook up ratio, beautiful paint job. Cons: Not the most weedless frog on the market by far and the "legs" are made from a kind of elastic silicon which tangle the hooks every cast which is very annoying.

From: Ben: France 10/5/15

Comments: No doubt the biggest bass I have caught would be on this frog. It does sometimes get irritating with the skirt getting tangled in the hooks and a small amount of weeds getting snagged on the hooks but it is a real fish catcher. I would recommend it for more open water or wood fishing. During the summer I never change to another bait, its the only one I use. I cant really remember the last time I missed a good fish too. The hook up ratio is amazing. Even if any beginners set the hook early on accident, you will still get a great hook up. The color I used all summer was white, which is my favorite, but I tried black and bluegill during fall and liked them as well.

From: Chandler: SC 3/4/15

Comments: Best catching frog(s) I own - bluegill. I have a serious problem however with the nose of the frog around the eye-tie-hook getting ripped, thus the frog takes on water. I glue it time and time again but this material does not work well with Super Glue. Great frog. Durability is an issue, but because of this I just buy more!

From: Ryan: WI 10/26/14

Comments: I think this is a cool little frog, it has it's pros and cons and it's not my favorite but it's a great frog for open water forgging. The best feature of this frog is the hook up ratio but it's cons are the legs get hung up in the hooks and if you walk it to fast it begins to sink, not the best frog for sloop due to the hooks expoosier, I'll huge it a 6/10 overall but a 10/10 on the paint job

From: JT: USA 8/24/14

Comments: I thought this frog was complete junk. I loved the color schemes. Especially the bluegill. However, after my first strike on this frog, it sunk like a rock. I threw it away after 15 minutes of use. The body was way to soft. Maybe I just got a defective frog. With the quality of all other Jackall baits I've tried, I'm assuming that was the case. However, I'm not willing to take that chance again when I can get frogs I know that work great for 1/2 the price of this one.

From: Tim: Daniels, WV 7/17/14

Comments: These frogs are very good but some will not walk as good as others. I have not been able to figure out the difference but they are not created equal. Wish for the money they were more consistant.

From: Matt: Knoxville, TN 4/15/14

Comments: Pros: Good in wood cover, this frog skips amazingly! I fish a lot of overhanging trees and I can get this frog 15ft-20ft into super heavy wood cover. Hook up ratio is good out of the box. Cons: the legs constantly get hung up on the hooks! It's just annoying to have to stop fishing to free them up very couple casts. The walk on this frog is really weird it seems to bounce more than glide side to side. Also If your fishing slop this frog constantly gets hung up its not a good frog for pads, grass or tulles. Overall: there's better options out there

From: Sergio: CA

Comments: The skirt gets caught in the hook a lot and it snags more weeds than most frogs. But worth putting up with because it walks awesome and hooks fish great. Had best luck on the chart and bluegill. Not so much on black.

From: Donk

Comments: These frogs are one of the best frogs on the market. I had a problem with the first frog I ordered and I contacted jackall about it and let's just say there customer service is excellent they sent me two replacement frogs in the colors of my choices for the troubles. This frog is the best in open water around standing timber, laydowns, and of course docks! Doesn't come through the thick stuff very well but that's alright for me. I have better success punching the thick stuff anyways. Great frog by a great company JACKALL FOR LIFE!!!

From: CJ: PA

Comments: This isn't my favorite heavy cover frog, but it is easily my favorite open water/dock/sparse cover frog. They do take a beating, but they seem just like the spro in that regard.  Either way, I love this frog and will definitely keep it in my arsenal.  Great bait from Jackall!

From: Ryan: IA

Comments: I have a bluegill,haven't try it out yet,but it look so good and walk good (in the bucket).

From: Dophahato: HCM/Vietnam

Comments: Went out with a popular brand frog.  It was too hard missed every fish.  Did some research and decided to try the Iobee.  Bought 2, hook up ratio went way up and all fish were 3lbs plus and a couple of 7 pounders. After the 7th fish it is looking a little worn but still works.  Kinda expensive but I am catching nice fish, a few more fish and we will call it even.  Good stuff

From: Noah: Channahon, IL

Comments: I bought one of these to compare with my Spro popping frog and Slither K Deps frogs. It walks very well, and is super soft like the Deps. It does not skip very well, like the Deps it is too soft, and fouls up when skipped. I also noted that after five or six fish, that it is starting to sink. Not super impressed, the Spros are much more durable, and walk just as well.  These baits have the best finish I have seen, and the hookup ratio seems to be good with no modifications. Needs to be a little tougher, and needs to be a little more bouyant--in my opinion.

From: Brad: TX

Comments: Best frog I have used. Body shape and softness make for better hook-ups. The detail is great.  Bluegill is a great color, though hard to find. I have bluegill and chartreuse. Both have caught a bunch of fish. I dont think the bass care about the colors as much as we do.

From: Mike: CT, USA

Comments: In review of my comments earlier, I can't say enough about the quality of customer feedback from Jackall. Great company and will order more of their products for sure!

From: Lee: York, VA

Comments: This frog i give a 4 out of 10. It walks good in open water but sucks in any moss it hits. the hooks get mossy fast and they get snagged on trees and lay downs when you bump them.  they go under water when you walk it fast and you still have to squeeze water too. i had 5 bits and missed them all, and  one bass looked easily over 5 pounds. Spro's walk better in my opinion, and puts out more splashes and better hook up ratio. I'm staying with spro frogs

From: Ben: St. Peters, MO

Comments: Love this frog. Walks great, pops very nice as well, with the keel it seems to jump out of the water. 3 open water bass in 30 minutes and 5 out of 5 hook ups so far (which is just insane for me, usually its a 1/5 kinda deal). One issue I have with it is the first bass popped the hook out of the back so its picking up a good bit of water.

From: Lee: York, PA

Comments: This frog is a killer!! I was walking this frog until I heard a dog bark right after I turned back to look, I walked it twice and anice 4 pounder smashed this thing! I'm definitely going to buy more.

From: Michael: Merced, CA

Comments: Am convinced that the hook up ratio beats all other hollow body frogs that I've fished in the past. Because of the body desigh, which allows for the better hook up ratio, the hooks tend to catch vegetation somewhat but certainly worth a small amount of aggravation when the bottom line is when you do get bit, chances are its coming on the boat!!

From: Richard: Columbus, GA

Comments: This frog is the KILLER!!!!.....at the pond!!.....caught 38 bass for the whole day and mosting all the bass are 3 or 4 pouder but the biggest one I caught was a 6 pounder!!!!....

From: Pao: Merced, CA

Comments: Great frog,best frog ive used only one problem,after two fish the belly were the hook comes out tore and now it sinks,$13 two 3 1/2 pounders cmon now i know its designed to be soft but it also needs to be durible still an awesome frog,guess its going to be $13 more for another one

From: Vaslim

Comments: good open water frog (walk the dog) but not so great in heavy weeds/mats.

From: Leng: Arkansas

Comments: well this frog is great have caught bass on them all ready here in ohio walks the dog easier then any other frog only bad thing is it catches some weeds on the hooks but it is now my go to frog

From: Mike: Akron, Ohio

Comments: caught a 3.5 and 3 on this frog last weekend and it held up very well.  Walks the dog like a champ and is virtually waterproof.  The only thing I didn't like about it is that the hooks sit up a little too high on the butt of the frog which causes it to catch a few weeds as it has a habit of flipping over.  Overall I liked the frog but I have to say Kopper is my favorite HANDS DOWN.

From: Nicholas, Montz, LA

Comments: Jackall has done it again. They are always coming up with lures that are a step above all the rest. I got 2 of these frogs and I can say this that they have the best walking action I have ever seen. I can't wait to hit the water this spring. I own all of the Jackall lures and I can say this much about them they will all catch fish.

From: William: Hohenwald, TN

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