Jackall Kawashi Mikey 140

Jackall Kawashi Mikey 140

The Jackall Kawashi Mikey 140 entices bass with its durable double-jointed construction, and lifelike swimming motion. The three-piece body is fitted with a specially designed, curved lip that allows it to dive deeper than the original Jackall Mikey, and also works well to help it deflect cover. The front and rear hooks of the Jackall Mikey 140 are also both feathered to provide a flowing action that imitates the movement of pectoral and tail fins. Covered from end-to-end in meticulous detail, the Jackall Kawashi Mikey 140 will have all the other swimbaits wanting to be like Mike. 

Jackall Length Weight
Mikey 140 5-1/2" 1-oz

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I purchased a Jackall Kawashi Mikey 140, in  Ayu and had it out yesterday for the first time. I wanted to see how it looked and it looks and runs unbelievably. I had it on the when I had a fish to break nearby I  picked up the Mikey cast to where the fish broke and after just a few turns of the handle a 3-9 smallmouth loaded up on it. Later while fishing another area I made a few more casts and hooked up with a 4-2 largemouth.  If this is any indication of what's to come I will be ordering more!!

From: Dewey: Collinsville, VA 5/9/14

Comments: Amazingly swims well. On a steady retrieve I've gotten it to go over logs and rocks with little effort. I have the Sexy Pink Piraruku and it works like a charm.

From: Jack: Sacramento, CA

Comments: This bait is absolutely fantastic. The movement of the bait is incredible. The ability to dodge cover in the water is the real seller here. You would think it would get snagged on logs, rock, etc as you crank in, but I've yet to get hung up anything with a steady reeling motion. I'm a believer! Just ordered another in Jungle.

From: Jason:  Columbus, Ga, USA

Comments: Bought one of these in "Ayu" as soon as they became available on here. Finally got a chance to use it today on Guntersville and it worked beautifully. They wouldn't bite on anything but this and when they bit, they bit hard. Highly recommended!

From: Josh: Guntersville, Alabama, USA

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