The Jackall Muscle Deep Crankbait has a weight moving system that allows you to cast further, dive deeper and most importantly, catch more fish than you ever have before. The Jackall Muscle deep crankbaits are depth specific and will help you properly fish the desired target depth with efficiency. The three models 7+,10+ and 15+ will cover most situations you may encounter on the water. If you have had trouble finding a crankbait that will dive to the depth specified on the package look no further than the Jackall Muscle Deep.

Click here to see some video on Jackall baits with Curt Arakawa at ICAST '08.

Jackall Length Weight Dive Depth Class Hook size
Muscle Deep (7+) 2.3 in. 1/2 oz 7 ft. Floating # 4
Muscle Deep (10+) 2.5 in. 1/2 oz 11 ft. Floating # 4
Muscle Deep (15+) 2.8 in. 3/4 oz 18 ft. Floating # 4

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I use the tennessee shad and purple charteuse a lot down in arkansas. smaller compact design is nice whenever the bite is tough. They do have a very loud rattle and dive the appropriate depth. Used them only in winter and haven't landing hawgs but it has caught fish. will be reviewing it again when spring and summertime come around.

From: Phillip: Beebe, AR 12/20/15

Comments:  I bought one these baits to ledge fish. The action of this bait is excellent. Unfortunately, I hung the bait & lost it. I will definitely buy more of these baits & I would highly recommend theses crankbaits even though they cost more than others.

From: John: Knoxville, TN 10/14/15

Comments: Casts great due to the forward/backward moving weight system. Runs true out of the box & has a nice action. There is one major flaw for a bait of this price; the finish is not durable at all. I shows scars from anything it comes in contact with.  

From: Bill: Flatswood, KY

Comments: dosent run true and the rattles in the 15+ get stuck like said below

Comments: Great looking crankbaits, good components.  The more I threw these the more I realize the 10+ has a design issue.  If you shake the 7+, 10+ and 15+, you will notice the weights inside the 7 and 15's will slide nicely.  The 10+ does not, I have a few and what happens is the 2nd ball that slides along the back of the cb, will get stuck and your crankbait will cartwheel back to your boat.  This does not happen to the 7 and 15's, just 10's, anyone having the same issue?  I had 4 of them that does not run consistantly (10+)

From: Jon: Ramsey, NJ

Comments: no tuning needed, great oval split ring, great hooks, the 15 runs 17' on long casts with 10# fluorocarbon.  Casts beautifully without tumbling in all but gale force wind.  Most important, it flat catches 'em

From: Dean: Newalla, OK

Comments: Good running deep bait for the dog days of summer.

From: Rodney: Richmond, VA

Comments:Bait is difficult to tune, does not cast as well as much cheaper crankbaits, and DOES NOT run as deep as a Fat Free Shad. Don't waste your money on these.

From:Melvin: Rustburg, VA

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