Cliff Pace recently took home the victory at the 2013 Bassmaster Classic on Grand Lake, beating a field of the world’s best bass anglers. He relied on several baits during the course of competition, including the Jackall Soul Shad, Jackall Squad Minnow, Jackall DD Crankbait 55, as well as, the V&M Football Jig paired with a V&M Twin Tail Grub. For his gear Cliff Pace relied on Shimano Rods & Reels with Hi-SEAS Line

Delivering a super realistic shad presentation, the Jackall Soul Shad 68SP is perfect for attracting those tough Fall bites when the fish are schooling up. Its Magnetic Weight Moving System allows the Soul Shad to out cast the competition, and then also ensures it suspends perfectly on the pause. Make a long cast and burn it back, or use a fast retrieve to get it down, and then deadstick it, the Jackall Soul Shad 68SP is a certified bass killer - available in a variety of colors to help match up with your local fishing conditions.

Jackall Length Weight Depth
Soul Shad 68SP 2.7" 5/16oz 4-6ft

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Schooling bass will rip the rod out of your hand trying to get this bait.

From: Greg: AL

Comments: Glad I've had mine for going on two years! Great bait just got the attention it deserves. The cat is out of the bag.

From: Keith: US

Comments: Was fishing the 1000 Islands a few weeks ago....and the bite was slow, until I tossed the soul shad in the water. First cast.....reel, reel, reel, pop, pop and I was calling for the net. Second cast....reel, reel, pop, pop, stop....FISH ON!! This bait got the bass fired up. Reel it, twitch it, stop it....whatever you do it looks great in the water. Tight action, good hooks and the super shad color was spot on!!

From: Joesph: Syracuse, NY

Comments: These things catch fish! The weight transfer system makes them easy to cast with bait-caster setup with up to 12lb mono. You can crank it,jerk it,pause it for as long as you or the fish can stand it. Great all season bait!

From: Tyler: USA

Comments: boo yah! Here they are. Tie it on and get to casting, these are mad hot right now.

From: Meatwad

Comments: this is a beautiful bait.. there are  varying weights on the internet right now for this bait.

From: Andrew: Indianapolis, IN

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