The Jackall Super Crosstail Shad blends the killer crosstail design of the original Crosstail Shad with the ultra realistic body design of the Super Pin Tail Shad. An excellent drop shot bait, it is hand poured to provide a super realistic tail shaking and body vibrating action. Offering exquisite detail, including ultra realistic multi-dimensional colors, precision molded scale patterns and 3D eyes, the Jackall Super Crosstail Shad is the bait you want at the end of your line with the water’s clear and the bite is tough.

Length Quantity
3" 8

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: yes they are pricey but they catch fish,not sure why other say that they only last for one fish cuz I caught 10 walleye's on the same lure,don't expect the lure to stay on the hook if you nose hook it ! I've used it on a shaky head and this thing shake's on the bottom like Shakira lol

From: Jonatan: Repentigny,QC,Canada

Comments: Each bait lasts 1 fish but thats fine with me. This is a bait for people with money to spend. It can't be cheaper because how much time and work it takes to make it, and i don't think it should be because normal looking stuff is hitting around the 5-6 dollar range. Best Drop shot bait i have.

Comments: just like most jackal products this is a great lure... way too expensive but it definetly catches fish. worth buying for tournament fishing but if your just fishing for fun it might not be worth your money unless you've got money to burn

From: Jason: PA

Comments: Got a bag of these just last week... My father was fishing with the jackall crosstail shad and wasnt catching any fish in one of our good spots.  I put on this bait and caught four smallies in four casts at the same spot.  I highly advice fish anglers to purchase this bait and give it a try.  The four smallies were all four pounds and bigger!!! This bait was not only producing bigger fish but the fish would absolutely hammer the bait.

From: Taylor: Massena, NY

Comments: Tried these yesterday for the first time.. highly effective drop shot lure. The way Jackall designed this is magnificent. As soon as that line tightens this lure goes into show. It mimics a shiner/minnow, but more reflective and more visible for predators. Expect to lose one per fish, but will be getting more.

From: hmongbass: Madison, WI

Comments: These baits work very well, but they are way too pricey.  You can pretty much count on losing one if you hook into an active fish.  If money is no problem, then buy with confidence. 

From: Thomas: Columbia, SC

Comments:  I bought a bag of these last week and went out and hammered the smallies and largies too. Something about a 3" minnow that drives them nuts.

From: Figjam: Nashville, TN

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