Jackall Swimming Ninja G90 - $12.87

The Jackall Swimming Ninja G90 is the perfect nest raider sized swimbait for targeting bass on beds during the spawn. It’s small bite-size profile isn’t too big like most other swimbaits, and its weighted and balanced to consistently sit upright on the bottom. Super soft and available in bluegill, crappie and shad patterns, the Jackall Swimming Ninja G90 also features a hook eye on its belly to place an additional treble hook if desired.

Jackall Length Weight Class
Swimming Ninja G90
3.6" 3/4oz Slow Sink
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Jackall Swimming Ninja G90

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  • Baby Bluegill
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  • Bluegill
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  • Spawn Gill
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  • Threadfin Shad
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  • Black Crappie
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Comments: my paint came off just sitting in the box. purchased 10 of these! . terrible investment

From: Ted: New York, United States

Comments: Finally got to throw this bait yesterday, this thing has an incredible action. Unfortunately only the other blue gill were interested. Have to agree with everyone else, for the price I wish they were a little bit more durable.

From: Ryan: Northern VA

Comments: Excellent action and appearance.  Don't hold up.  First fish: finish started coming off; second fish: tail was gone.  Should last a lot longer for the price.  Maybe they should try using the super plastics.  Can't afford any more.  Must be made for the upper class or Pro's.

From: Wallace: Toledo Bend, LA

Comments: after about 10 casts the paint started coming off the face, catches fish but not painted well for 15 bucks

Comments: Caught a 3lber on 2nd cast. A couple cast later had one short strike it and ate the tail. That was a quick $15. Wont buy one again

Comments: First cast the tail was bit off. bye bye $15

From: Danny: Milan, TN

Comments: strongly recommand landed a 5.79 bass on this swimbait

From: Kostantinos: Vineland, NJ

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