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Fitted with bright, easy-to-engage props on the front and back, the Jackall I Prop is designed specifically for the Japanese technique of spybaiting – a finesse search technique that is quickly gaining popularity in U.S. for its ability to produce. Spybaiting involves light line, long casts, a slow retrieve, and a highly effective sinking prop bait, like the Jackall I Prop.

To begin, cast the Jackall I Prop as far as possible and let it sink to the desired depth. But make sure to keep an eye on your line, because the bright blades and perfectly balanced horizontal shimmy of the Jackall I Prop have been known to draw strikes on the fall as well. Once the Jackall I Prop is in position, start a super-slow retrieve with the rod tip pointed down and let the swirling prop blades go to work. 

Bass not only feel the disturbance of the Jackall I Prop, but they can spot it from far away as well, making it an easy and appetizing target. In addition, the Jackall I Prop features precisely positioned hook hangers that prevent fouling and won’t interfere with the rotation of the prop blades. A reputed big bass catcher in the East, the Jackall I Prop is sure to make a lasting impression on stateside bass.

Jackall Length Weight Class Hooks
I Prop  3" 3/10oz Sinking #8

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Jackall iProp

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  • HL Wakasagi
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  • IS Bluegill
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  • IS Chartreuse Back Glitter
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  • IS Ghost Minnow
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  • IS Threadfin Shad
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  • Oikawa
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  • Secret Shad
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