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A secret in Japan for several years before Jackall brought it over to the States, the Jackall I-Shad is part of the I-Motion technique. Specially designed with Jackall’s state-of-the-art technology, the I-Shad is designed to swim like a baitfish that is not threatened - so bass think its an easy prey. All you have to do is point your rod tip straight towards the water and impart no action - the I-Shad does the rest. A bulge at the end of its tail keeps it stable, and a split tail design creates small vibrations attracting bass to strike. The I-Shad is also injected with two different salt compositions. The top section has less salt than the bottom, making it heavier on the bottom for a more stable swimming action. Available in several colors, the Jackall I-Shad is the soft bait version for the I-Motion technique.

Pair it with the Jackall Lead Nose Jig Head, which is specifically designed for use with the Jackall I-Shad.

Length Quantity
4.8" 6

Comments: Will only catch one fish per bait. Falls off hook with the slightest head shake. They need to design this with a more elastic plastic. Bad design!

From: Jerk King: MI

Comments: Awesome! Definitely good for smallies in Mich. The green pumpkin - silver is great on a dropshot.  Out fished everyone with this. 

From: Bass Afishinado: Mich

Comments: May not be durable on the head but I threw it on a drop shot and caught 4 smallmouth on one. Seems pretty durable to me.

From: Trey: No AL

Comments: This bait is awesome. I caught 4 largies this past weekend with the dark thunder silver color. I used a 1/8 jackall nose jig and it worked great. I expect to catch more bass in future tournaments.

From: Gustavo: Lancaster, CA

Comments: Right on... surprised the heck out of me just cast ,reel slow, and get ready!!!!!!!!!!

Comments: great bait and great action. basically a fish catching machine. but not durable at ALL just like any typical jackall softbait. but the action makes up for it..

Comments: This is an amazing lure.  Used it at a lake where I had caught 2 hybrid stipers in 10 years...first time out I caught 10 and missed half that many.  Works as advertised, cast, reel slow and hang on.  Great on light spinning tackle.

From: Biff: Pottsville, PA

Comments: right now, with all the fry around, here is your deal. worth about one fish per bait but thats they way it goes

From: Meatwad: out of townski

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  • Blue Pearl Shad
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  • Dark Thunder Silver
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  • Green Pumpkin Gold Silver
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  • Green Pumpkin Pepper
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  • Green Pumpkin Watermelon
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  • Pearl White
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  • Watermelon Pepper
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