A secret in Japan for several years before Jackall brought it over to the States, the Jackall I-Shad is part of the I-Motion technique. Specially designed with Jackall’s state-of-the-art technology, the I-Shad is designed to swim like a baitfish that is not threatened - so bass think its an easy prey. All you have to do is point your rod tip straight towards the water and impart no action - the I-Shad does the rest. A bulge at the end of its tail keeps it stable, and a split tail design creates small vibrations attracting bass to strike. The I-Shad is also injected with two different salt compositions. The top section has less salt than the bottom, making it heavier on the bottom for a more stable swimming action. Available in several colors, the Jackall I-Shad is the soft bait version for the I-Motion technique.

Pair it with the Jackall Lead Nose Jig Head, which is specifically designed for use with the Jackall I-Shad.

Length Quantity
4.8" 6

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: There is one other use of this bait that I don't see reflected in the reviews. This is one of the original spy baits. Rig it on a light jig head & retrieve it straight & slow. Don't do anything unless you need to drop it down to the correct depth. Again, no action on the fall. The bait itself provide a VERY subtle action- small vibrations & tiny tail wags. You might even miss these unless you look closely. The fish have no problems observing these subtle actions. Probably the best imitation of a minnow out there. Minnows don't waggle from the head or vibrate from the tail (boot tails). Takes confident but give it a try for smallies & weedline or flats largemouth.

From: Dean: Apple Valley, MN 7/7/16

Comments: I've been using this little guy with pretty nice results. Also, you can solve the durability issue with an old trick. Run a piece of 40lb mono horizontally thru the head, about 1/4 inch from the nose. Glue it in if you like. Run your hook just behind the mono. This little sling does wonders for durability. six to eight fish or so unless one grabs the tail and heads the other way hard

From: Doc: CA 2/16/15

Comments: Great bait for seabass! Rigged on jig head for stream, "hasu" is the best color for clearwater and by night.

From: Romain: France 2/8/15

Comments: Will only catch one fish per bait. Falls off hook with the slightest head shake. They need to design this with a more elastic plastic. Bad design!

From: Jerk King: MI

Comments: Awesome! Definitely good for smallies in Mich. The green pumpkin - silver is great on a dropshot.  Out fished everyone with this. 

From: Bass Afishinado: Mich

Comments: May not be durable on the head but I threw it on a drop shot and caught 4 smallmouth on one. Seems pretty durable to me.

From: Trey: No AL

Comments: This bait is awesome. I caught 4 largies this past weekend with the dark thunder silver color. I used a 1/8 jackall nose jig and it worked great. I expect to catch more bass in future tournaments.

From: Gustavo: Lancaster, CA

Comments: This is an amazing lure.  Used it at a lake where I had caught 2 hybrid stipers in 10 years...first time out I caught 10 and missed half that many.  Works as advertised, cast, reel slow and hang on.  Great on light spinning tackle.

From: Biff: Pottsville, PA

Comments: right now, with all the fry around, here is your deal. worth about one fish per bait but thats they way it goes

From: Meatwad: out of townski

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