Easy on the eyes and the wallet, the Jerry Rago Flat Back Line-Thru Swimbait offers premium performance and an incredibly detailed baitfish profile.  Built using an extra soft plastic, the Jerry Rago Flat Back Line-Thru Swimbait produces a seductive swimming action that collapses effortlessly when bass strike. For an improved strike-to-catch ratio, the line through design allows the bait to slide up the line while you’re fighting a fish, so they can’t use it as leverage to spit the hook.

Built with a metal insert for easy rigging, the Jerry Rago Flat Back Line-Thru Swimbait comes with a super-sharp treble hook and a premium split ring, which makes it ready to fish right out of the package. Incredibly lifelike and affordable, the Jerry Rago Flat Back Line-Thru Swimbait is sure to find a home in rod lockers and tackleboxes everywhere. 

Jerry Rago  Length Weight
Flat Back Line-Thru 6" 1-2/3oz

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Good swimbait for the price. Swims great when rigged as advertised... However you can't MacGyver this bait with other rigging presentations. Pretty durable yet soft. First time out with this bait I had a 4lb'r strike it very aggressively but no hook up... a lot of follow ups from smaller bass. I expect to get strikes from this bait. I'm very unsure of the hook-up ratio with this bait.

From: Nick: Speedway, IN 5/17/14

Comments: These baits are awful, don't waist your time, don't understand how randy howell is even pro after making a bait or may i say waste like this

From: Ryan: San Anselmo, CA 4/10/14

Comments: I have not fished mine yet as we haven't started our season yet but there are 2 ways I know of to fix swimbaits that run crooked. If the tail is kinked try boiling the back half of the tail but be careful and don't overdue it, hang it straight. Sometimes if it swims on the side this can be corrected with nail weights. Good luck guys, I hope the 2 I bought don't have those issues.

From: Robert: Battle Creek, MI 3/28/14

Comments: I am having trouble with this bait running straight as well. Mine runs with it's left side up. I tried changing the speed of my retrieve and it didn't seem to help. Does anyone have any advice or tips on this. It looks great in the water and I want to fish it really bad. I think it would be a great tool to have.

From: Charlie: TN 3/18/14

Comments: Ran this bait a couple days after receiving it and it swims on it's side and sometimes upside down.  After examine the bait, looks like the head slightly points to the right.  Will have to see if I can do anything to get the bait's head centered.  As of right now this bait is a dud but I do like the softness of the plastic used.  Really disappointed, if it ran straight would be a good bait.

From: Chao: TX 3/10/14

Comments: I'd have to say that this is a great lure. It has a very good swimming action and it collapses very easily yet it is very soft. Great bait overall. Good colors

From: Ben: GA 3/2/14

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